Acres In Muskego Also Makes Milwaukee Great

Acres of Hope continues to receive recognition for how it helps its patients

We've known that Acres of Hope has provided a unique and successful formula in rehabilitating brain injury patients here in Muskego, and the facility continues to garner the same recognition throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

Operated by RN Lisa Alberte, Acres will be featured for the second year in a row as a "Making Milwaukee Great" organization/business, and will be aired on CBS 58 this Saturday, Jan. 7, at 5:00 p.m. and again at 9:00pm on WMLW. The 2011 segment highlighted the progress of the facilities residents and its unique way of incorporating therapy animals to help patients strengthen their cognitive and physical abilities.

In addition, a recent article in AgriView, the state's largest agriculture publication gave a nod to the facility for its use of farm animals, some of which are also rehabilitated or have their own physical challenges, to promote recovery for its patients.

The article mentioned Rio, a 12-year-old parrot who will squawk "Go Packers!" when asked who will win the Super Bowl-and a blind pony named Queenie, and her companion Batman, a potbelly pig who acts as her "seeing-eyed guide pig."


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