Congrats, Person of the Year: Lisa Alberte

A one-woman army for the brain-injured, Alberte received high praise from readers who admire her dedication and positive attitude.

Lisa Alberte is about five feet tall, and has cemented my theory about short women: beware, because we're on a mission. (Full disclosure: I'm 5'0.5)

The director of Acres of Hope and Aspirations, a five-acre farmette nestled amid homes along Durham Place in Muskego, Alberte seems to do the impossible with almost nothing.

Dedicated to working with patients suffering from brain injury and cognitive disorders, Alberte also incorporates 'creatures of rehab' to foster their therapy. These animals as well often have disbilities, making her a rescue for such creatures.

Despite setbacks due to animal deaths and other 'breaches of security' that have resulted in the loss of several animals over the course of the year, Alberte's attitude is focused and positive.

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"I have seen her work with Winlom (Woods) who was told he was never going to walk again, and now is able to walk," said one reader. "I have also seen Lisa at the Jammin' on Janesville, and the special animals who have disabilities would served no purpose anywhere else. Putting the two together makes for a valuable set of powerful healing that you won't find in any hospital. In addation she and her team also spend time teaching young people about helmet safety and preventing brain injury as well."

Another volunteer at Acres recognized Alberte for her dedication, inspiring him to consider entering the medical field when he graduates. Volunteers are always sought at the facility to help care for the animals as well as in the house.

Lisa's daughter Belynda was also recognized as a runner up for Person of the Year or her dedication to the farm and the patients who count on care they receive there, illustrating that service might be hereditary.


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