Daylight Savings Time Ends This Weekend

It's time to go back to eating when it's dark outside again, as daylight savings time is ending and clocks should be set back one hour. It's also a good time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors.

Change Your Clocks, Change Your Smoke Alarm Batteries

Daylight savings time comes to an end at 2 a.m. Sunday, with a reminder to make sure your home is safe with working smoke detectors.

  • By Denise Konkol
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  • November 4, 2011

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There's an extra hour of sleep you can add to your weekend, as daylight savings time comes to an end at 2 a.m. on Sunday.

It's a good idea to make the change before you head to bed, unless you'd prefer to get up at 2 a.m. to grab that extra hour of sleep, and move the clock BACK one hour to 1 a.m. It's also a good way to keep you from arriving too early to wherever you're going on Sunday.

More importantly, fire departments use this time to remind everyone to check your smoke detectors and change the batteries. The Federal Emergency Management Agency website points to several studies that have concluded "when working smoke alarms are present, the chance of dying from the fire is cut in half."

It's also estimated that a third of the smoke alarms in place are not working, often due to failure to replace a worn out battery, and many homes do not have as many smoke alarms as they should have to protect your family properly.


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