First Fog, Then Summer Sizzle

Dense fog advisory will make that first trip to school a little hazardous, and once there the rule will be to stay cool.

The National Weather Service has issued a dense fog advisory this morning until 9am, with rising dew points overnight matching temperatures and making visibility difficult.

Particularly in low-lying areas, forecasters say visibility could be down to about 1/4 mile, however will be improving as the morning continues.

What burns off the fog will also be the major concern over the next two days, as temperatures will be in the upper 80s to lower 90s with high humidities.  However, residents have been through the drill already:  dress lightly, stay hydrated and limit strenuous activity until later in the day if possible.

Hate the heat?  Take a dip with the kids after school at- otherwise stick around...temperatures are expected to plummet to highs in the upper 60s by Monday.  


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