Lake Home on Market, Now Burned for New Home

Former site of extensive estate sale dubbed the 'house of hoarders' on Little Muskego Lake has been sold, leveled

About nine months ago, hundreds of treasure-seekers walked through the home on Richdorf Drive in Muskego as an estate sale was held over four days to help move the stacked contents inside.

However, last week marked the last days that the brick home would stand. The home was listed at $350,000 but no record of sale was found on the property. However, crews were on site to level the home, brick by brick and burn the remaining structure. 

The lake home was in disrepair for many years, according to neighbors, and only the death of the owner Bob Sochurek in April, who had lived with his brother Don in the home their parents built in 1954, allowed for the sale of its contents.


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