Muskego Grad Named Tops in Texas Government

Amie Treuer-Kuehn was chosen to be one of four from the 87,000 women who work in Texas government as Outstanding Contributor

Every other year, the Texas State Agency Council presents the Outstanding Women in Texas Government awards which recognize the achievements of four of the 87,000 women who work in Texas state government. This year, one of the recipients calls Muskego her hometown.

According to a release from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Amie Treuer-Kuehn, a member of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department IT GIS Lab Landscape Ecology Team, has been recognized for her input in numerous ecological projects and selected for an Outstanding Women in Texas Government Award. She was a 1992 Muskego High School graduate as well, and is the first scientist to be honored with this award.

Treuer-Kuehn's award was for Outstanding Contribution, which celebrates the importance of the works she contributes to Texas. According to the release, her work "was critical to the completion of a landmark, statewide vegetation community mapping project." No easy trick as it required her to travel to 214 of Texas’s 254 counties, averaging some 25,000 miles per year for the past six years.

The results of the mapping project are being used statewide for everything from mapping wildlife, as well as fire threat areas and conservation planning.


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