Permanent Stoplights Installed on Janesville Road

Despite windy conditions, crews work on removing the temporary lights that were strung across the street to complete intersection work.

File this under 'I'm glad it wasn't my job,' but it was fascinating to watch the bobbing cherry picker as winds gusted to 30 mph-plus on Wednesday in the process of removing the stoplights that were strung temporarily across Janesville Road.

Two intersections, Martin Drive and Bay Lane Drive/Glen Cove Road had the lights erected back in 2011 as the inital phases of Janesville Road reconstruction took out the existing poles. Now that the eastern half is complete, the new light poles were constructed over the past two weeks.

Pieper Electric was at work to power the new lights, including emergency flashers that warn motorists of fire and police vehicles.

An additional set of lights has been placed at Parkland Drive, which may take some getting used to for Janesville Road motorists that had previously been through traffic at that intersection.


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