Putting the News In Your Hands

Spring seems ready to start early, and with it a host of events and happenings. Make sure yours is seen here!

There's a reason it's called Muskego Patch, and not the Denise Konkol Times. The site is built and designed for news, yes, but also for all of our readers to become contributors.

As the weather warms, and events start to build throughout the city, let me offer again the many ways to speak on behalf of your organization, team, church or neighborhood.

  • Announcements: found under the 'News' tab, this is the spot to crow about how well your team did in sand court volleyball, how much your school group raised in its latest benefit, what your seniors community is planning, graduations, engagements.
  • Events - when and where do you have something planned that you'd love to clue people in on? Events appear everyday next to our top stories, keeping them front and center. Rummage sales, bake sales, festivals, lectures or classes...if it's important to you, let everyone else know about it
  • Gallery - post the (tasteful) photos from the game, pub crawl, 1st Birthday party or seasonal 'best pics' that you're proud you caught on camera. It's your story...share it!
  • Local Voices - perhaps the best way to develop a following for your organization or interest; technically, it's called blogging, but blogs are basically online columns, and they are some of our most-read features on the site.
  • Patch Places - this is our directory of businesses and resources; if you are a business owner and you haven't claimed your listing, do so and you can update what is featured on the listing description, add photos and collect reviews on your business

Still not sure what to do? Contact your humble local editor and I will be happy to meet with you to get started.


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