Swedish Fiction For Sale? Only in Shorewood

A roundup of unusual items on Craigslist finds items from all over the world, along with a galaxy far, far away.

Because one man’s trash is another man’s cello, Shorewood Patch has dug into the treasure trove of Craigslist to find interesting and unusual items listed for sale in the village.

International flavor

Shorewood embraces diversity like few other communities, and that’s evident in the items put up for sale.

You can pick up a children’s audio book in Polish or fiction written in Swedish. Get an Irish walking stick — a shillelagh — for just $5. Or decorate your walls with original artwork from Bangladesh.


Are you looking for more domestic items? Fans of history might be intrigued by classic Boy Scout items, including booklets and a sleeping bag. Nothing is more American than Harley-Davidson leather gear. Basketball was invented in this country, so a driveway hoop would round out the motif.

That’s interesting

If you woke up this morning and thought, “Where can I get a seven-inch single of the Afghan Wigs’ ‘Sister Brother’?’, your answer is, “Shorewood.”

An art deco chair could be just right for your family room or den.

For the sci-fi geek in your family, action figures of Capt. Picard or Boba Fett would be the ultimate gift.

Patch does not vouch for the quality or availability of any of the items listed.


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