Temps Have Dropped, And So Have Costs to Stay Warm

We Energies reporting a 22 percent drop in heating costs from last year, which represents the lowest cost in 10 years.

We've been well aware that in spite of the recent single-digit temperatures, the bite of winter hasn't been nearly as sharp. A mild November and December has meant that natural gas costs for the average customer was $173, according to to We Energies. That number reflects the lowest price since 2001.

Milwaukee’s December average temperature of 33.3 degrees made the month the 11th warmest December on record, according to the National Weather Service.

With a fairly decent start to January, utilities and energy analysts are also forecasting lower heating bills across Wisconsin and the Midwest this winter.

In an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, We Energies spokesperson Brian Manthey said the power company may revise its forecast after it analyzes data for the first half of the winter heating season that runs from November through April.

“There’s no question that there were some real savings,” Manthey told the Journal. “The weather will determine whether or not we continue to see savings."


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