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Mi Cocina lets the food do its talking

Mi Cocina anchors the strip mall that shares parking lot space with the big box stores of Target and Office Max at the corner of Moorland and Beloit Road. Someone looking for a nice sit-down restaurant may just overlook it.  Several stand-alones are right in the vacinity and have bigger signs, however a meal at this Mexican restaurant is definitely not a drive-by.

Located in New Berlin for more than 5 years, Mi Cocina (my kitchen in Spanish) offers authentic dishes as well as many favorites.  Our visit was like many of our others:  prompt service of our favorite three dishes in a 'combinado' including a chicken quesadilla, chicken enchilada with a smoky ranchero sauce on top, and a chicken chimichanga.  (Other meat options like shrimp, ground beef and steak are also available.)  The platter - or platters in our case - comes with beans and some of the tenderest Spanish rice on the side.  Two people feasted on this and left some behind.  These three-choice combination platters are also only $9.99, making the decision even more appetizing.

What made this trip different was the table-side service that mixes fresh guacamole to your liking right in front of you.  Not normally guacamole fans, we couldn't stop eating the plentiful serving (it could easily have accommodated 3 to 4 people); dinner arriving was the only thing that interrupted us.  This too was a cheap option at $7.50.

Most of Mi Cocina's dishes fall under $10, unless you venture into steak or seafood options, and the refills on soft drinks are also free.  The interior is mainly stonework and stucco and a tad on the dark side (even with a flash, photos were tough).  It also features a bar area that has drink specials throughout the week, and, the margaritas are delicious.

Mi Cocina is open 9am-10pm on Friday and Saturday; the rest of the week it's 10am-9pm.

obtw March 04, 2011 at 04:54 PM
Lighten up Nathan. There are big problems out there, but this isn't one of them.


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