Businesses Brace Themselves in the Calm Before the Snow Storm

While some Muskego residents are well-trained in prepping for the inevitable, many more will get a rude awakening when the snowblower won't start, say business owners.

"The snow we're gonna get is the heavy stuff, and that's gonna blow out a lot of motors," said Greg Olson, of Olsons Power Equipment on the upcoming snow storm, which is expected to bring about 4-6" locally.

"We have two types of people who bring in their snowblowers," he explained. "There are those who start them in the preseason and have them serviced, and we've had about 1,000 in since late summer."

Paul Wiliams, who was walking out with his Toro, falls into that category.

"I got it started in September, but tried it again earlier this week and had problems, so I got in before the real snow fell and I'm good to go."

However, Williams is in the small minority. Despite a quiet shop on Wednesday, Olson said the other group will crowd in as the flakes begin to fly.

"The parking lot will be full, because the other 90 percent won't have tried to start their snowblower since early in the year, and given the fact that we had such a mild winter last time, some of those machines haven't been run in a year. There's no way they'll start after such a long time."

The unrealistic expectation of many he said is that they'll get their snowblowers back in short order. 

"We've got four repairmen, and it's not going to take very long to get the wait times up to four weeks, easily," Olson said.

The options are to purchase new of course, and there too, Olson's has plenty of machines ready to roll, but it's first come, first serve.

Manager Dave Kirsanoff at Elliott's Ace Hardware said the season sales of snowblowers have been good this year, with many people anticipating a need.

"People around here do react to the upcoming winter, even last year when there really wasn't the snow," Kirsanoff said. "We've seen similar sales this year, so people seem to know to be ready."

As of Wednesday there was plenty of inventory as well of snow shovels and salt, but as with all things, it's while supplies last, so the best advice is to shop early.


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