Don't Have Time to Exercise? Oh Yes, You Do...

The holidays seem to suck up our time, but there IS still time to exercise, if you're creative.

Shopping, baking, Christmas card writing, cleaning, attending parties and numerous school activities.

All of these can derail the best of intentions to stay fit, but Gail Levin of Muskego Curves said "nope, no excuses. Everyone can do this."

It would appear that creativity combined with opportunity are the key in fitting in fitness according to Levin, so here are just five ways to stay active and sane during the bustle of the holidays.

Housework: Whether you are cleaning (which in itself can help to burn calories) or just walking from room to room, do so purposefully. "One client of mine says she does lunges if she's got to walk somewhere in her house. Perfect!" Levin said.

TV as Sport: Everyone seems to find time to watch TV, and most watch at least 30 minutes at one time. Spend that time doing exercises in place. "Walk or jog in place for ANY TV," Levin recommended. Weight lifting or stretching is also ideal to add to your TV-watching repertoire. 

The Parking Lot: Instead of wasting gas and time as the car idles, waiting for that mom with 3 kids and a stroller to unload her parcels and her children in the car in that ideal parking spot you'd like, keep going. Park as far away as you can to head into the store, especially with the unseasonably warm weather we've been having. The extra steps will do you good. And if you're at the mall, take an extra lap before you're laden with packages.

Long lines? Perfect: Waiting is just a part of the holiday landscape. Use the opportunity while the person ahead of you has 30 coupons and needs a price check to relax, recenter and loosen up. Levin recommends basic shoulder rolls to loosen up the muscles, and also posture-focused exercises. "Pull your belly button tight to your spine, align your hips under your shoulders, and BREATHE," she explained. In general, 'fixing ourselves' to make sure we're not slouching, overburdened by packages and breathing correctly can help alleviate stress too.

Isometric Errands: If you've got a lot of time planned inside your vehicle, especially the kind that has you waiting at intersections, employ the use of isometric exercises. These are often referred to as chair exercises because you can do them sitting down. Isometrics are basically 'squeeze and release' exercises that you can apply to your neck, back, arms and yes, even your tush. Some should only be used at a stoplight, but all are useful. Here's a great video on various exercises. 



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