Goodwill to Open Facility in Muskego

Contribution center will feature curbside pickup, and will move drop off operations from Jerome Drugs lot at Lannon and Janesville Road next door to Pick n Save mall.

Goodwill has had a trailer in the lot in front of Jerome Drugs for more than five years, and will now take up more permanent residence at a contribution center adjacent to Great Clips.

Cheryl Lightholder with Goodwill Industries said the move "is more convenient for people, and it's also going to allow us to collect textiles using a higher-quality method of collection, and it's also more responsible."

The mobile trailer did often feature dropped-off bags after hours, despite signs asking for contributors not to leave the items outside. It's hoped that the new location will discourage after hours drop offs as the sidewalk along the mall would get cluttered.

Lightholder said the move reflected the long-standing relationship with the community and Goodwill, but she stated there were no plans to add a retail store at this time.

The Muskego Chamber of Commerce will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday, May 9 beginning at 4 p.m. to officially welcome the new business to the mall.

The store is open now (HOURS)


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