Muskego Health Care Clinic Plans Multi-Million Dollar Improvements

ProHealth Care announces plans for extensive remodeling of clinic on Janesville Road.

According to a release, ProHealth Care is planning a $3 million renovation of the ProHealth Care Medical Associates clinic in Muskego.

The renovation is said to "help meet increasing health care needs in the growing Muskego area. The project will involve remodeling the entire clinic, adding two exam rooms, four treatment rooms, new diagnostic equipment and a central imaging and lab area. The result will be a more efficient lay out and a more comfortable atmosphere for patients."

However, a planned construction of an Aurora clinic, the second in Muskego, is also taking place just across Moorland Road, next to Kohl's Department Store. ProHealth said their plans for improvement have been about a year in the making, and that they were only recently aware of the Aurora construction nearby.

“With continued growth and demand for services in the area, the renovation comes at a perfect time,” says Peter Geiss, MD, president of the PHCMA Clinic Division. “When complete, the refreshed space will offer greater convenience and comfort to our patients and also serve as evidence of ProHealth Care’s commitment to this vibrant community.”

Jeff Muenkel, Community Development Director for Muskego, said, "We received a permit for interior renovations but not the detailed synopsis in their press release.  Our permit info stated that the value of the work being completed is estimated at $1,600,000 covering 13,640 square feet of the facility."

He added it was "Great to see that the value is higher and that ProHealth values Muskego so much."

The additional dollars will be put into exterior improvements including landscaping, according to media relations spokesperson Sandra Peterson. The Muskego Plan Commission will review those plans as the project moves forward.

The clinic has been at the northwest corner of Janesville Road and Moorland Road since the early 1980s. It will remain open during the renovation, which is expected to be complete by the end of the year.


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