Papa Murphy's to Reopen in September

Take n' Bake returns in the same spot, but with a new owner and a fresh attitude.

Shan Mason's wife told him it was time to step away from his stressful career in medical device sales before he needed one himself.

"I sold cardiac devices, and it is an incredibly intense business, believe it or not," said Mason, who decided to take on the role of Papa Murphy's owner in his hometown of Muskego instead.

Enjoying sales, Mason said he looked at several business models over a period of three year, and saw as a solid one.

"They have quality, service and marketing as their focus, and really feel the marketing is key to getting a good start in Muskego," he said.

While a Muskego resident, the timing was such that the location wasn't available at the time, but after Mason bought a space in Glendale, the former owner announced he was closing.

"I guess this shows that patience is a virtue," he said, adding that Glendale will likely become his second location.

The store, which Mason is renewing front to back with upgraded equipment, will open officially on Sept. 11, and it's already got a Facebook page to announce what's new even before it opens its doors. It is located in between Subway and Goodwill in the Pick n Save mall along Janesville Road.

Of particular interest is a newer product called the 'Mini Murph,' which sells for only $3, and is a pizza 'kit' that customers can take home for personal sized creations.

"I know kids like to have sleepovers, and I think this is a great idea for something to give them to do, and they just love it," said Mason.

Living in Muskego, Mason is also aware that businesses need to be an active partner in the community to survive. He said he's open to working with schools and other groups, and hopes to take part in other community events as the year unfolds.


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