Business Growth, Expansion Plans to Get City Review

In an agenda that's longer than has been in some time, the Muskego Plan Commission will hear from several businesses looking to improve and expand on plans; is this a mini-recovery?

Generally, Muskego Plan Commission meetings have been short affairs of late, as little development has required their attention. However, Monday's meeting features a full slate of proposals, several of which point to optimistic business owners looking to improve and expand their businesses.

Highlights from the meeting, which will take place at 6 p.m. at in the Muskego Room (lower level) are as follows:

  • in order to rebuild their pub and restaurant, which will be razed as part of Janesville Road construction. A public hearing was held before the Common Council last week, with most resident who spoke were in favor of allowing owner Dan Hewitt to rebuild, but against the rezoning he is requesting. The matter will be reviewed including the public input, but no public hearing is scheduled for Monday.
  • giving the city the first right of refusal with regard to cellular 911 routes comes to the commission, also via Common Council, will be up for consideration and recommendation.
  • that will strike the specific lake properties that were part of the city's previous attempt to purchase land for a public park will also be reviewed.
  • to expand on its current auto sales business, and will be requesting an amendment to reflect an even larger space. The building would increase to 7,689 square feet, with a 1,098-square-foot mezzanine level. Parking and enclosed outdoor storage would be expanded as well.
  • , located in the Muskego business park, is expanding as well, and is requesting a new accessory building and additional parking to address their business growth. A letter to city from 4Front indicated that they have hired about 20 new employees over the past three to four years, and are hoping to accommodate that growth.
  • Juice Garden Cafe will be a new business in the Muskego Centre Mall, at Racine Avenue and Janesville Road, and it will request additional outdoor dining space for customers. The new restaurant will be located on the south end of the mall adjoining . The outdoor dining would consist of outdoor seating that is to only be out during open hours for the café.


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