Reader's Choice: Close Vote Leads to a Tough Call for Danny Haskell's as The Place for St. Patty's Day

With only one vote separating the top two vote-getters, we have to give the nod to Danny Haskell's based on reader comments.

The has closed, and vote count alone would crown newcomer Finn McGuire's in Hales Corners as the choice for St. Patrick's Day revelry.

However, in order to discount a few people voting repeatedly, we also stated that . Many of you jumped on the bandwagon early and enthusiastically, which ended up giving them the edge.

The local bar and grill is located just across the road from Little Muskego Lake on Lannon Drive, and has an avid following year round, featuring events like Brewer games and

However, there are 24 hours in every day, March 17 included, so there is no law stating that all of our contestants can't be patronized on St. Patrick's Day. (Of course, celebrate responsibly and designate someone else to get you from place to place if you will be imbibing in a little green brew.)


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