Who IS That Dancin' Domino's Guy?

Teen promotes pizza chain while jammin' to techno on his headphones. All in all a sweet gig.

Now that traffic has slowed to a 25 mph crawl along Janesville, Morgan Mullen has garnered more attention as he shuffles and jigs with a Domino's sign in his hands.

I've got to admit, my first thought when I saw him was "poor guy - he's got to be bored."

However, this is what Mullen says he lives for.

"I love to dance, I live for it. This is fun for me," he said, only a little out of breath.

Mullen is an employee at Domino's and yes he gets paid for holding the sign. What else he does outside is up to him as long as it's tasteful, and as the dancing has gotten him - and the restaurant - more attention of late, he may want to ask for a raise.

The practice of holding a sign for retail establishments is not uncommon, and does get attention. It also allows businesses to show their signage without getting in trouble with local ordinances that prohibit them from staking them in the ground closer to the right of way.

Owner and manager Andrew McKee said Mullen applied for a job as anyone usually does, and learned more about his talents during an interview.

"I usually try to get to know a little about about people when they are applying for a job here.  I asked him if he had any hobbies, or how he spent his free time.  He replied that he "loved to dance", he then listed a number of types of dance and said he would love to some day do something where he could dance...at that time I said: "I have the perfect job for you"

Customers have come in commenting about Mullen according to Sean Raduechel, a delivery driver, it's all been positive.

"They love the guy - they think he's fun to watch. One guy even said he took a video of him for his Facebook page," he said.

Mulllen is a senior at Muskego High School, and he says plans for the future may not necessarily include dance.

"I'm not sure what I'll go into just yet. I'm still deciding," he said. In the meantime, there's always time to dance.


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