Council Will Consider Cell 911 Ordinance, Liquor Approvals

City attempts to gain a foothold through an ordinance giving them great rights over cell towers in Muskego, in hopes of taking emergency dispatch away from the county; annual review of liquor licenses to reveal how well business is doing.

Tuesday evening's slate of meetings will include the Finance Committee at 6:15 p.m., followed by the Committee of the Whole (6:30 p.m.) and Common Council (7 p.m.). All meetings take place at city hall and full agenda can be found online.

The city will take another step in its within its own borders so 911 calls made from cell phones within the city can be directly sent to the Muskego Police Department.

An ordinance would be amended to specifically give the city the first rights to the routes, which would compel cellular companies like AT&T and Verizon to grant the city access. Currently, Waukesha County has these routes assigned to them and has refused to hand them over to the city. Residents using a cell phone and calling 911 are first routed to the county's communications center, then to Muskego. The city's argument has always been that this wastes valuable time in an emergency, but the county has said the move would create further mis-routed calls.

Here is what else we will be following:

An approval of an agreement with the US Fish and Wildlife Service will be considered. The focus will be on wetlands restoration at the Badertscher Preserve (formerly known as the Borst property). The agreement would provide funding for the work of $9,500, which will offset more than half the cost expected for the project.

A review of license applications from the various businesses in the area will be discussed. Generally it's a 'report card' on how well the businesses have conducted sales, and often takes into account any complaints or police calls to the business in the previous year.

The Tess Corners Drive reconstruction project could get its final OK as the bid for the construction services will be decided. It is expected to complete by fall.

City Planners are proposing that the city consider purchasing the lot where the BP gas station once stood along Janesville Road. Waukesha County currently owns the land, and razed the station to accommodate road construction, but previous arrangements have seen the county selling back land to municipalities for as little as a dollar. The idea would be to use the land as a gathering space and incorporate it into the streetscaping plan of the Janesville Road reconstruction. One of the uses suggested was to couple the space with the lot in front of Jerome Drugs for a future farmer's market.

Additionally, Alex J. Booton will be recognized for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout and Mary Weber for her retirement from the Muskego Public Library.


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