Forgot a Gift? Local Businesses to the Rescue

Heading to a holiday party, and forgot to bring a gift? Muskego businesses have great ideas that won't leave you empty-handed.

What would you like to receive as a host or hostess? Share your ideas in the comments below, or post a picture above by clicking "Upload."

December is chalked full of holiday parties, get-togethers and gatherings full of eating, drinking and laughter. But what about that lovely lady or gallant guy who's hosting all the shindigs? Or was there someone you simply overlooked, and you fear you're running out of time and ideas? Take a look at these gift ideas we found locally.

1. Relax!

Everyone needs to give themselves a break, and L Spa and Glo 10 offer gift cards and other accessories for relaxation. In addition, Chiropractic Complete has a massage therapist on staff. Frenz Designing Hair and Nails can also provide pampering at whatever your budget will allow, along with great products for skin, hair and nails for men or women.

For the guys, why not a gift card or products from Big League Barber? If they've never visited, it's a great way to get their sports on as well as a great cut.

2. Pick Your Poison

Not every host or hostess is looking to get their drink on, but many are. Either way, there's a menagerie of different liquid concoctions to share. If they're a coffee enthusiast, try a bag of flavored coffee beans. A basic bottle of red, or white wine can be a good choice and easily available at Muskego Beer and Liquor (ask them if you're not sure what to select) as well as Pick 'n Save. But if your hostess is into something a little stronger, try a smaller, high-end bottle of their favorite beer brew or liquor.

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For those who prefer their brew caffeinated and hot, San Laurio offers gift cards, and Gingerbread House has those too, along with decor for sale to attach the card to or make a gift basket with. Juice Garden Cafe also has gift certificates for the health-conscious.

3. Sweet Smells of Success

Fragrance can be found in candles and soaps from Pam's Essentials, which are currently on display at the Muskego Curves. You can also check out the inventory on Pam's website for all of the options in custom made creations.

4. Fido and Fluffy Need Love, Too

Not everyone has a fluffy fur ball at home, but many do — and it's the holidays for them, too. Bringing a bone for Fido or some cat nip for little Fluffy can go a long way keeping them occupied while the humans socialize. Scoop up these gifts at retailers like Pet Supplies n More or which has a gallery of gifts for the four-feet set. 

5. Bling Christmas Bells

Purse Fashionista's Secret Nook is a recent addition to the business scene, but it's got tons of ideas for adorning walls as well as adorning your recipient. The shop features jewelry, scarves, table top and wall decor, and ornaments, just to name a few. 

6. Be a Good Sport

Along with the Big League Barbers idea, we found a unique product that will look great at a Rose Bowl party or Super Bowl soiree. McKinley Custom Productshas awards as their forte, but also features larger than life '#1 Fingers' for anyone's favorite sports teams.


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