Jesus in Jeans: Lakepoint Hopes to Show How Church is Lived 'the Other 6 Days'

With their first service on October 7 at Muskego High School's auxillary gym, Lakepoint Church reaches out to those seeking acceptance to come as they are to ask questions, and perhaps jump into the 'deep end' of Jesus

A 'granddaughter church of Elm Brook' has come to Muskego, and according to Pastor Brian Hofmeister, Lakepoint Church is not your grandfather's church.

"We hope that people will experience an evironment of acceptance here, a place to come as you are, even if the verdict on Jesus is out for you," he said. "We want to create an environment where all questions are fair game."

However, he added that people who ask questions and are willing to enter into the discussion should be prepared for a challenge that could be life-changing.

"We're not going to be preachy types - that can be scary for people, but we are going to challenge you to look into the 'deep end of Jesus' - to see spirituality in your everyday life."

Lakepoint will hold its first service open to the public on Sunday, Oct. 7 at 10 a.m. in the auxillary gym at Muskego High School. Response to what will be Muskego's tenth church has been warm, according to Hofmeister.

"We're shocked how many people have responded to us - we started as a church planted from Elmbrook consisting of 23 families, and we have received contact cards from about 400 families through the various public events we've been out at this summer," he said.

For those who are skittish about religion, the word relational may serve to draw them in, as it takes those personal relationships we have in order to relate what's in the Bible to everyday life, according to Hofmeister. He sees the city he grew up in as being the perfect spot for the new church.

"My roots are here, so it made sense in that respect, but I like the trend I have seen for Muskego becoming a true community, not just a place that people sleep. People are saying, 'I want to stay, and I want to connect,' and what we're here to help them do is to connect to Jesus in everyday life through everyday relationships, and realize how church is lived out the other six days of the week."

Hofmeister, who is a young-looking 33, began his own spiritual journey at the age of 15, when he was diagnosed with cancer after a golfball sized tumor was found in his leg.

"Faith was no longer stories and lessons for me, it actually had to be put into practice. All of my life to that point was shed down to the essentials, and there was no way to go through an experience like that except spiritually," he said.

From there he said the call to preach began, and he was increasingly more involved at Elmbrook Church, where his family attended. He will lead the 'everyday service' on Sundays at MHS, but hopes to eventually find a separate space in the city to provide services.

View an introductory video of Lakepoint and Pastor Brian Hofmeister here.

Brian Hofmeister September 21, 2012 at 07:56 PM
Thanks Denise!
Patrick Moore September 27, 2012 at 09:56 PM
Great story and look forward to the opening and the connections


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