Moorland Corridor, Parkland Mall Top Wish List for Muskego Improvements

Earlier this month we asked what you'd like to see improved in Muskego and the answers that came in the comments and on Facebook people also suggested additional bike lanes and concerts.

Earlier in January we asked Patch users what they would like to see improve in Muskego in 2013.

One of the more popular responses were improvements to the former Parkland Mall. A user said Mooreland corridor, located at Durham Road and HWY 36, has great potential for growth. Others suggested adding concert events and additional bike lanes.

  • Dave Jamroziak wrote: Not only is the "tree farm" an eye sore right in the middle of what is to be our beautiful new downtown area but the remaining structure with the Post Office, Chamber of Commerce, auto parts and paint stores is out dated and in need of a refresh.
  • Chris wrote: These are high traffic areas that have great potential for the city. With the New Berlin industrial park just down Mooreland road, Muskego has an opportunity to grow from it. The Durham road project was a band aid to what was really needed.
  • Matthew wrote: The ability for the local business to get some exposure is a very good community building experience. It also introduces our children to a broad amount of musical talents. 
  • Muskego Make wrote: I like the bike paths and I hope we do more. Makes our little city special and they always seem to have poeple using them. The city has done a great job building the ones we already have.
  • Cathy Gillis-kotarak wrote: Please could it be the huge pothole on Janesville Road when exiting Muskego Elementary ?? Not sure how many more times my vehicle can handle bottoming out!



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