Muskego Girl Among Those Aboard Disabled Carnival Cruise Ship

Alison Kay Raison was one of the 4,000 passengers aboard the Triumph, which lost power after an engine fire and was left stranded at sea.

After a four day ordeal, Alison Kay Raison and others aboard the Carnival Cruise Ship Triumph will be able to set foot on land as the ship was tugged back to shore late Thursday night.

Raison told WTMJ TV in a phone interview that she and others made tents on the ship's deck to get away from the conditions inside the ship, but that she was OK. Her father Jeff Hollman, also of Muskego, kept friends and family informed on his Facebook page of his daughter's well-being, asking for prayers.

"I just got done texting with her while a nearby ship was dropping off supplies to the ship," Hollman wrote on Monday. "No water and no electric and the food is terrible. "The good thing is they are surrounded by the U.S. Coast Guard."

A fire in the ship's engine room had cut off most of the power on board, and left passengers without working plumbing, limited food supplies, and increasingly unsanitary conditions as sewage backed up. Tug boats were in the process of dragging the ship back into the Gulf of Mexico for docking near Mobile, AL, and finally made their destination around 10 p.m. Thursday.

Raison and other passengers still face up to a four-hour wait to get off the ship, then a bus ride to Houston, TX, which will likely take another five hours.

Hollman called the long-awaited return of the ship and his daughter th "best valentines gift ever to know she will be on land again." 


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