Democratic Propaganda And Its Tyrannical Desires

It is the rhetoric of the Democratic Party that is dividing the country.

A recent article in GQ titled, Gen-Xer Paul Ryan Probably Hasn't Smoked Pot, and That's a Problem, caught my eye as a perfect example of the emotional distraction being used to divide the country.   The author wants you to believe that youthful indiscretion with regards to pot smoking was the entrance exam for the GenX culture.  Since Paul Ryan has the appearance of a straight laced poindexter, we should easily draw the conclusion that Ryan avoided the Obama’s Choom Gang like the plague.  This lack of experience brings real trust issues into this election, as the author says “I just can't trust anyone my age who's never smoked pot”.  Therefore anyone who lacks pot smoking as a resume enhancer will “make it hard for you to seem like anything but a guy who stood apart from his generation.”  Even as the author pulls on your ‘I’m cool and your not’ emotion, he openly admits he has zero proof that Ryan has or has not smoked pot. 

This style of journalistic malpractice regarding fact less emotion baiting is a consistent theme within the 2012 Democratic platform.  The same emotion baiting has occurred with the following:  Romney’s a felon.  The GOP is waging a war on women.  Paul Ryan wants granny to die without proper care.  Affordable Care Act will reduce medical costs.  Taxing the rich and not the middle class is patriotic.  The Republicans want to put you in chains. 

Not unlike GQ’s failure to prove Ryan has or has not smoked pot, none of the above emotion baiting are factually based arguments.  Each is a slogan designed to incite a strong emotional reaction in order to distract from the reality of a poor performing economy, foreign policy failure and a lack of national leadership within the Office of the President.  While every election has its share of half truths, the Democratic propaganda of this election goes beyond simple election politics and moves into the realm of day to day life. 

In a recent shooting in CO, a liberal media outlet attempted to draw a connection between the shooter and a local CO Tea Party, building propaganda for a violent Tea Party.  In doing so this media outlet wrongly labeled an innocent man as the shooter.  During the media investigation of the Trevon Martin shooting in Florida, liberal media outlet tried to label George Zimmerman as a White Hispanic creating a false racial narrative as its propaganda.  Even as I write this blog another shooting has occurred in New York and with no evidence to support any claim about this shooters political background and post on Patch was made stating, “Hmm... apparently there was another mass shooting this morning. That reminds me of another pathology of the Republican party, and another reason why they need to make some major changes to their platform before they'll ever have my vote."  The assumption by the author is that the Republicans should again be blamed for this most recent shooting. 

This is no longer about whether to raise taxes, continue a war or expand welfare coverage; the Democrats have taken opportunity to make Conservatism the possible cause for all societal ills.  A style of propaganda that was once reserved for tyrannical governments is being applied to the 2012 election.  It is this use of propaganda and emotion baiting that is driving the country further toward the extremes and generating the high levels of tension we are witnessing within our society.

 It goes beyond simple accusations.  An article in the New York Times recently exposed that Barrack Obama’s Twitter account had 18.8 million followers of which 70% were fake.  As it turns out, individuals are able to purchase Twitter followers creating a false impression of ones popularity.  This false impression has even been carried forward in the media where recent polls showing the presidential race in a dead hate.  Unfortunately for the American public, those polls have been found to over sample Democrats giving a distorted view of the results of the poll.  This concocted popularity aims at pressuring the opposition’s supporters into submission. 

History has seen its share of dictators that have been willing to sacrifice the factual events within their country in favor of emotion bating to retain power.  This administration and the Democratic Party is no longer interested in bring the American people the truth regarding its agenda or their plan for America.  Instead, they are satisfied in creating a false image of their opponent in the hopes that winning can be achieved via emotion based propaganda. 

One final note regarding the true nature of the Democrats with respect to how facts are handled, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had the following exchange with Anderson Cooper on CNN regarding a Democratic fund raising letter misquoting an LA Times article.  In the letter it is stated that the Romney campaign designed the abortion language within the Republican Party platform in an attempt to tie Romney to Todd Akin.  However, the LA Times article says nothing about the Romney campaign offering its opinion on abortion.  Furthermore, as Cooper points out, the platform has not changed since 2004 and 2008 presidential elections.  When pressured on the fact that the Democratic letter misquotes the LA Times, Wasserman–Schultz responds with “It doesn’t matter.”  The propaganda message that the Democratic Party needs to assert, to the disappointment of even Anderson Cooper, is more important that ensuring their message is reported factually. 

That is the propaganda of a tyrannical ruling party and that is what the Democrats are selling in 2012.

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Bren August 27, 2012 at 11:30 PM
Sally, I wonder that your direct experiences with heartbreaking child cancer cases leaves you without understanding of their circumstances. There's that thing called empathy. Considering telling another poster "how stupid your statement sounds" I will share this. Disqualifying yourself from being able to understand the circumstances of childhood cancer while apparently being in the trenches is an admittance of ignorance. Using a word ("sounds") with an aural connotation indicates ignorance either through limited vocabulary or inability to grasp the shades of meaning of a word or term. Further, the omission of a letter in the word God is a faith-based tradition of the utmost reverence. Why do you not know and respect that? Sally, I don't think you should attempt to denigrate the comments of others when your own post is in such a sad and sorry state. Misspelled words: 1 ("staement"). Inconsistent use of em dashes: 1 ("Randy--...'most...'", "...Lyle-you..."). Slang/improper English: 2 ("kids," "Give me a break."). Inappropriate use of capitalization: 2 ("YOUR," "NO WAY"). Repetitive word usage: 2 ("fool"). I wouldn't designate you as "stupid" because that would be crass. But your post does not inform or inspire.
Johnny Blade August 27, 2012 at 11:36 PM
Yeah Sara .. he won the freakin NOBEL PEACE PRIZE too ... Hahahahah .. let see how he got in Harvard, probably afirmative action, not on merit, but we will never know will we .. Constitutional Scholar that is as freakin funny as the Nobel Phucking Peace prize
Bren August 27, 2012 at 11:53 PM
Bush was blamed for the bungled response as indicated by Brian Carlson. His federal budgets first cut funds for levee maintenance/repairs, leaving them vulnerable/underserviced. Prior computer modeling indicated that levees would indeed fail in the event of a severe weather incident, with no action taken. The hiring of Michael "Brownie" Brown as national FEMA director drew fire. Brownie falsified his resume, claiming service as an "Assistant City Manager" when in fact his title was "Assistant to." No city management experience. His other work experience was as head of a national Arabian Horse association, which he bankrupted because of lawsuits filed against him/organization due to unsubstantiated accusations of surgically altering registered animals (cosmetic surgery). More anger was expressed because Condoleeza Rice, responsible for FEMA, chose to continue her NY vacation throughout the crisis. Bush also continued his travels. More fire was drawn when illegal citizen militia groups such as Blackwater, GE security force, etc., were allowed access and action in New Orleans. Bush suspended prevailing wage laws and contracts were made with out of state firms instead of providing funds to local businesses to bolster the local economy. Workers were paid less than minimum wage. Contractors sub-contracted, filtering illegal workers brought in from Central America to increase profits. Etc. etc. etc. Don't forget Barbara Bush's famous, "This is working very well for them." Hm.
Bren August 28, 2012 at 12:01 AM
Pseudo intellectual. I know of a few. One trots out the atheist adulteress passport bride Ayn Rand, another pseudo-intellectual, to impress with his knowledge of an "ism." Others claim to have understanding of female biology beyond that of prevailing medical knowledge. How tiresome.
Bren August 28, 2012 at 12:07 AM
The moment I decided to vote for Barack Obama: during a presidential debate when McCain was "talking to" Joe the Plumber, Obama laughed and started "talking" to him too. At that point I'd been sulking because my preferred candidate didn't get nominated. My default vote goes Libertarian and I was leaning that way again until that moment. Then I realized that the man had serious intellectual chops and what a refreshing change from the anti-intellectualism of the past 8 years.


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