Obama Not Allowing Businesses to Pay Their Fair Share

Obama has been asking US businesses to pay their fair share. Yet, when they want to, he shuts them down.

In the class warfare environment that Democrats, liberals and some idiotic Republican presidential hopefuls are trying to create; the premise is that the rich and Big Business are not paying their fair share.  This is the idea that wealthy individuals and entities must contribute more to the social well-being of the United States since they have been blessed with an abundance of wealth.  They are attacked for being under taxed and even attempting to avoid taxes to hoard profits for their own reckless expenses.  In a decision to keep Trans-Canada from building a pipeline, we see that Obama is a co-conspirator in the capitalist wealth machine that Democrats claim makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.

For the last 3 years Trans-Canada Corp. has been trying to convince the Federal Government to grant permits to build the Keystone pipeline from Canada down to the gulf coast of Texas.  The project was billed at $7 Billion dollars and could have employed 10,000 or more US citizens.  That workforce does not include the peripheral businesses that will provide materials and equipment needed to build the pipeline.

Once the pipeline is built the US will be getting over 800K barrels of per day pumped into our current supply.  This may or may not have a positive affect on gas prices; however, it will reduce our dependency on foreign oil.  Unfortunately, if the US doesn’t take advantage of this supply, the oil could be shipped over seas rather then kept in America.

During this drawn out rejection process, Obama has been giving money to companies that are in turn wasting the profits of the tax payers on greedy self interest.  Since the stimulus, we have spent $500 million on Solyndra which is now bankrupt.  My guess they did very little for social well being of their community, rather added to its problems by eliminating employees.  New information has come out about Tonopah Solar having received over $700 million for a solar project in California.  The millions received by Tonopah were used to add 45 employees to their roles.  Although, liberals worship at the feet of the Green Energy gods, socially speaking, the profits these companies received were not for social betterment of society.  (On a side note, the parent company of Tonopah is SolarReserve.  SolarReserve’s primary investor is PGC.  Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law is the #2 man at PGC, but that’s for another blog.)

At a time when a leader should be helping the middle class and the poor to attain better means of employee that is their right to enjoy (we are told), Obama is giving money to bankrupt companies.  He is feeding the free market for profit complex that he claims brought us to this dire point in our nation’s economic history.  Yet, it is the Republican’s taking the blame.  The same Republican’s that allowed this pipeline request to funnel through every agency possible and waited for the timely response of the EPA.  Couple that with Trans-Canada Corp., who after seeing the possible destruction of a vital Nebraska ecosystem, worked with concerned citizens to reroute the pipeline around the Sand Hills.  We must ask, who is being irresponsible?

What we see is a wealthy president controlling the ability of the 99% to get meaningful employment.  Obama has been golfing 90 times in the last three years, celebrated a special Alice in Wonderland party, dined on the finest food and has hob knobbed with the elite in both business and intelligentsia.  All the while he is allowing the green energy sector to hoard tax payer profits.

Mr. Obama, in September you told us you understood our problems.  In your job’s speech you said, “We continue to face an economic crisis that has left millions of our neighbors jobless, and a political crisis that’s made things worse.”  However, was this simply the idol words that a member of the elite uses to pacify the ignorant masses.  When you proclaimed, “The purpose of the American Jobs Act is simple:  to put more people back to work and more money in the pockets of those who are working.”  Were you only stalling so you and your cronies could steal more profits for yourselves?  Mr. President where does your social responsibility lie?  With the 99%, I think not.  You are a 1%’er and thus you assist in the pillaging of the American people just like every other evil profit centered corporation you friend and despise.

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J. B. Schmidt January 26, 2012 at 03:39 PM
@Lyle Sorry for the delay. My wife seems to think that family should come before Patch. She just doesn’t get it. I am a Christian and believe the Bible as error free. I went to a Lutheran grade school and high school. Not up until I got to college biology did I find a need to question Genesis. It was then that I was introduced to a world that doesn’t accept my premise. So I did some searching and researching. I have only bolstered by original believe. Outside of the first three chapters of Genesis, I find many reasons to believe that evolution (not adaptation) is impossible. Starting at the Big Bang, the existence of this planet is flawed because of the outlandish odds required to accept that this planet came about by chance. The multitude of things that make this planet habitable: 1) Correct heat from a sun 2) Placed in the correct orbit 3) Tilted properly 4) A moon orbiting correctly 5) Gravity that keeps gas here, but doesn’t crush us 6) Chemical bonds that allow carbon chains or allow water to float rather then sink 7) Correct gas mixture to breath and act as sun shield 8) Magnetic poles that are working right now to block a solar blast 9) The cycle of water 10) Oceans with proper water to act as heat sinks that create currents that create weather and the list could go on.
J. B. Schmidt January 26, 2012 at 03:41 PM
@Lyle (cont) However, if you change one of the variables everything falls apart. Dr. Roger Penrose calculated that that the odds of it happening again or at all are 10 x 10 to the 123 power. If 10 to the 50th power is statically zero, then there is a lot of room to play with his number if his math is flawed and still say that an accident of earths scale is not possible. As for biological evolution, not only do I find it hard to believe that it started at all; what it has produced seems to be capable within the rules of evolution. To start with, no one has been able to replicate the original evolutionary moment. Maybe they can accidentally get RNA strands to form; however, those have never then become functioning DNA. Beyond that, when I see the world, I see products that require multiple steps within the evolutionary chain to occur at once in order to produce a viable final product. For instance, the giraffe must have both a strong enough heart to pump blood to its head; while simultaneously have valves in its blood vessels that prevent it from blowing its head off when it bends down to drink. If evolution occurs through the long process of successive adaptation, then neither one of those on its own is a working adaptation and to take the leap of both plus a long neck within a single generation is inconceivable.
J. B. Schmidt January 26, 2012 at 03:42 PM
@Lyle (cont) I could go on about what I see with the development of the eye, the butterfly metamorphosis, or development of a human conscience; but I think my general point has been made. My observance of the world and biology lead me to doubt that chance is the ultimate creator of this universe. Since the big bang and evolution are not conscious entities, there must be a larger power at work. Call it childish or uninformed; my observations of both science and by my own hands and eyes lead me to believe that God is the answer.
Lyle Ruble January 26, 2012 at 09:58 PM
@J.B. Schmidt...Thank you for sharing your view on evolution. Let me first take up Penrose. Penrose is an avowed atheist. His calculation of 10 x 10 to the 125th is simply a calculation of how low the probability is but does not eliminate the possibility. Simply speaking, given enough time, in this case 13.78 billion years, and the physical laws of the universe, the probability becomes very high that a planet like earth would come into existence, and with the vastness of the universe, we are probably not the only one. Evolution provides the answer to how life has evolved and the current life forms are as it is. Looking to the other science disciplines we can now explain massive extinctions and the die off of species as they either adapt to the environment or die. Using Acom's Razor, evolution provides the best solution without bringing in the supernatural. Theologically, since Jews are not limited by dogma, we approach creation from a different perspective. We have Jews who accept creation literally and others understand that the creation narrative is open to numerous interpretations and allegorical understanding. From the moment of the "Big Bang" onward, the Jewish interpretation sees no inconsistency between the Torah and scientific evidence. What amazes me is that for well over 3 millennium, we Jews have been describing the Big Bang.
skinnyDUDE January 27, 2012 at 08:30 PM
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