The Grassroots of Astroturf

From the first attack on Walker and through the possible upcoming recall election, the public sector unions have been behind the effort change the election.

With the grassroots recall drive continuing at a brisk pace……..  Wait, I can’t even write that with a straight face.  There is no grassroots movement to recall the governor.  This has been well orchestrated action from the beginning and it appears the actual recall election will be no different.

Let me first take you back:

It all started before the election in November, when the public sector unions told their followers that the election of Scott Walker would mean the end of all things good.  We were told that under a Walker administration mass layoffs would occur in education.  Then because of that our classroom sizes would jump to 80 kids per class.   Oddly enough, where Walker’s plan has succeeded schools are doing better and where the unions were able to thwart Walker’s plan the schools are doing worse.

After the election the unions continued inciting their followers by crying about how Walker was undermining the will of the people.  They encouraged the Democratic Senators to leave the state instead of voting.  Claiming the will of the people (aka - those that lost the election) was being served by not voting.  Strange how leaving the state to prevent the democratically elected majority from doing its job, was actually cancelling out the will of the people.

When that was unsuccessful, they told their followers that Walker lied during his campaign.  They claimed he never said anything about collective bargaining or never said he would go this far.  He must be recalled because he lied (as if that would be a first for a politician).  Only to find out that the teachers union was circulating information to its followers stating that the election of Walker would mean changes to collective bargaining.

I will admit all of this is old news.  Hashed and rehashed on numerous blogs.  However, the story just got more interesting.  At the end of last week, Daniel Bice had an article in the Milwaukee Journal about possible contenders for the recall election. http://www.jsonline.com/watchdog/noquarter/2-unions-discourage-barrett-from-running-in-a-recall-053igi2-136173703.html It was interesting, because it was the first real time I had seen it discussed.  Even more astonishing is that the unions are at the center of who runs in this election.

In the article, an email was obtained stating the unions sat down with Tom Barrett to kindly instruct him not to run (like the kind instruction given by Tony Saprano).  The unions, without a care for the people in the state, have decided they want Kathleen Falk to run against Scott Walker. 

WEAC has also sent out an email to union officials stating they should pressure Barrett not to run.  Mary Bell was quoted in the email stating, "We continue to pursue the message on other fronts, but could use your assistance in telling the story from your perspective and with your reasons, to those with whom you have connections that might be more effective in delivering that message to the Mayor,"  Delivering the message.  What is next a horse head in his bed?

As if asking their own officials to assist in pressuring Barrett wasn't enough, they are also circulating ‘a polling memo on Thursday that suggests Falk and former U.S. Rep. Dave Obey have as good a chance as Barrett to unseat Walker’.  Assuming that their followers aren’t smart enough to find other Democratic polling information that shows Barrett has a much better chance then Falk.

I realize that behind the scenes of every election we have groups pushing people to run or sit it out.  However, this entire process is for no other purpose then to regain union power.  This email obtained by the Milwaukee Journal is only more proof that the Democratic Party and the unions are better bed fellows then some of us knew.  The true lie and cover up within this whole recall process has been that the unions are the puppet masters behind the recall.  Whether they are inciting their followers with their lies, paying for out of state people to help with recall petitions or deciding for the people of Wisconsin who should run in the election; the common denominator is the Unions.

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Lyle Ruble December 31, 2011 at 03:59 PM
@Stormy Weather...Sorry to disapoint you, but taxpayer money is my money too. Recalls are as good a use for it as the massive business welfare program that Walker and friends are doing. At least with the recalls we can actually see something for our investment and not just more empty promises.
Bren January 01, 2012 at 06:44 AM
People I know who voted for Scott Walker had no idea he was going to cut $1.2b from education or give massive tax breaks to corporations in his budget (paid for off the backs of public union employees-except police and fire, whose unions endorsed Walker). People voted for him because of his "jobs" platform. Legislating abstinence-only in public high schools isn't creating jobs; cutting 21,000+ state jobs from the payroll isn't creating jobs--I could continue. It will be interesting to see what happens at the recall polls, now that we know all about the "real" Scott Walker and his bosses, the Koch brothers.
Bren January 01, 2012 at 06:47 AM
Well said!
Bren January 02, 2012 at 02:28 AM
Then please explain my support for the recall effort. I have had no contact with union leaders, I'm not a public employee. I was however, a resident of Milwaukee County during Scott Walker's time in office. I am well familiar with his shaky math and legal skills. He tried to fire public workers since day 1 (parks, trash collectors) and cancelled a public art contract that cost the County tens of thousands of dollars in fees. His illegal firing of security workers at the Courthouse cost we taxpayers more than $750,000 alone. I sat in on a County budget hearing listening to the woman who has designed and executed the beautiful displays at the Domes for decades (yes, those nationally known displays) pleading for her job-Walker wanted to cut her position (ending a cultural legacy at the Domes!). I listened to a federal judge explain how Walker's proposed and egregious staffing cuts would impact his court's capacity to function. I didn't need a union leader to tell me that Scott Walker would be a poor governor--and that before I learned that the Koch brothers were bankrolling his campaign. The recall effort for me (at least) is strictly about putting an end to sedition from the far right in this country, beginning with business here at home in Wisconsin with Scott Walker.
J. B. Schmidt January 02, 2012 at 05:50 AM
@Bren I want to thank you for including Koch in your posts. It just isn't a 'Bren' post without it. Your post proves a very valuable point. That many people had a very good understanding of what Walker would do. You, like many others, are Democrats that are mad you lost the last election and don't want conservative policy instituted. Instead of waiting for the next public election, you and the recallers are attempting to erase the last election. As your last sentence states, it is only about power and control. Your only purpose is to get a Democrat in office. That is an abuse of the recall. Many people appreciate the things Walker did in Milwaukee. Just because liberals say they were the wrong decisions, doesn't mean they were. It means you disagree. If disagreement is basis of recall, then why do we have elections? Lets say hypotheticaly, that Falk or Barrett win a recall election; as soon as they do anything liberal should Republicans start a recall effort in 2013? Especially since I can make a list of things they have done I didn't like.


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