Call Scott Walker and ask him, "Where are the frickin' jobs?"

Wisconsin Leads The Nation In Job Losses (For The Fifth Straight Month) and disappearing recall signs.

In November, Wisconsin lost 3,000 public sector jobs and 11,700 private sector jobs. This is not really news though . . . this is the fifth consecutive month Wisconsin has seen a net job loss. http://www.jsonline.com/business/state-lost-11700-privatesector-jobs-in-november-n43f475-135682638.html

Since July, Wisconsin has lost over 44,000 jobs while the US has created 420,000 jobs . . . are you angry yet? Are you even a little bit upset (if you are a Walker supporter, this is) that your Governor, who promised to create 250,000 jobs in four years is actually well on his way to losing that many jobs during his tenure?

And if you voted for Walker because you liked his catchy slogan, "Wisconsin: Open For Business" you should be on the phone right now asking his office, "Just exactly what business are we in - the business of laying people off?"

If you are one of those Walker supporters who place one of those "I Stand With Walker" signs in your yard, you might want to add the phrase, "On the broken backs of the working-class people of Wisconsin" in order to make your sign more accurate and honest.



And on a related note, I want to apologize to the for calling them and bothering them by asking if their department keeps picking up my "Recall Walker" yard signs. I have had three signs "disappear" from my backyard recently, and am now on my fourth sign.

The other day I came across a man in a white four-door car about to remove my latest sign from my back yard. He informed me that it was too close to the road (my back yard is on Ramsey Ave.) and it was actually in the Village right-of-way, and all signs had to be on "my property". So I moved it back about 20 feet. It is now a good 35 feet from the road, but well within my property limits.

Too bad the sign in the photo I posted on this blog is only two blocks down from my house (on Ramsey Ave.) and is only 15 feet ( I counted) from the road, and has been there for three days now. Why is that sign, that is pro-Walker, allowed to stand close to the road and in the village right-of-way, but my anti-Walker sign is told to be removed or moved WAY back?

Let me put is this way - I was informed that some people in charge of the Village are very big fans of Scott Walker, and don't take kindly to "Recall Walker" signs.

If your "Recall Walker" yard sign has "disappeared" or you have been forced to move it WAY back, email village building inspector, Scott Satula and ask him why he tells his minions to remove certain signs, but allows others to stay? ssatula@greendale.org

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robert heule December 22, 2011 at 05:05 AM
Eric, I'm just trying to keep you busy, what would you have done if I had not sent that? Sorry, I should have used "self exile in the wake of tyranny" instead of crusade. On the serious side, thank you for your excellent comment on the filibuster.
Bren December 22, 2011 at 05:53 AM
Wisconsin's state employee pension fund was 0% liability. That was the entire issue about the "budget repair" bill. "We're broke" was a catch-phrase lie. Wisconsin was not in bad shape. The pay cuts/concessions weren't to fill a deficit hole, the funds were to fill the new hole that would be made by the corporate/rich people tax cuts. Not to mention the fact that collective bargaining had nothing to with fiscal issues (as was tacitly admitted by the Republicans when they pulled that part out of the "budget repair" bill and voted on it late at night. The dishonesty is hurting our state. It has to stop.
CowDung December 22, 2011 at 03:12 PM
While the state pension fund may have had 0% liability, in many localities that was not the case. If you want to stop dishonesty Bren, perhaps you need to stop posting. Contrary to your claim, there was indeed a 'deficit hole' that needed to be filled, and it was not created by the 'corporate/rich people' tax breaks. Also, it is not true that collective bargaining has nothing to do with fiscal issues--you should know very well that collective bargaining does indeed involve employee compensation. How can it not have anything to do with fiscal issues?
CowDung December 22, 2011 at 03:19 PM
I think you missed my point, Molly...
Edward Willing December 24, 2011 at 06:56 PM
Could it be that the jobs that have been lost are legitimately the responsibility of a national economic problem for the last three years, and a WISCONSIN Governor problem for 8 years? Such selective vitriol is so transparent. The climate here for job creation is better than it was, but cannot happen in too short a time. And qutie frankly, the psychotic behavior of Wisconsin's union leftists is plenty reason enough for businesses to now wait out what they initially perceived as a very positive change for our state. Those treating our Governor and Reps and Senators they way they have been have done NOTHING to move our state forward. So in other words, thanks alot.


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