Muskego Inventor Helping The Military Fight Heat and Cold Stress with Safety Liner.

Local Inventor is Helping our US MILITARY with a No Sweat Safety Liner, Headline It!


Dealing with body temperature regulation in combat environments can be the difference between mission done and mission 9-1-1.

Sweat is an issue for soldiers, both in cold and warm weather.When soldiers, perform strenuous exercise in heavy clothing,significant heat strain and sweating can occur. After working,the non-evaporated sweat will reduce clothing insulation
and possibly form ice crystals. When pooled sweat under the helmet or hat is
dried by the wind, the core body temperature can be lowered, thus not allowing
one to keep warm and reducing peak physical performance. To assist in removing
moisture caused by sweating, the innermost layer of a cold-weather or warm
weather clothing properties that allow water vapor to be transmitted to the
outer layers for evaporation.

Without Sight, No Fight

management as it relates to vision is an important and often overlooked
component of heat stress and safety. As temperatures rise, so does the amount
of sweat that will drip into soldiers eyes causing them to sting. Besides stinging,
perspiration in the eyes causes dryness, blurred vision, disorientation and a
reduction in clear sharp eyesight, which is crucial to any soldier. Blurred
vision or stinging eyes can turn from annoying to dangerous if not managed
properly. As with other safety equipment, the costs and risks associated with using inadequate sweat protection can be great. It’s not uncommon for soldiers to
wear safety items such as gloves, safety glasses, facemasks or other protective clothing that inhibits them from safely wiping the sweat. For example, they might use their gloves to wipe their face or glasses and inadvertently introduce dust, debris or chemicals from the gloves into their eyes. To this point, health and safety managers have stated that a significant percentage of eye injuries result from soldiers introducing debris into their eyes while wiping sweat. Soldiers may
choose to remove their gloves or safety glasses, even remove their helmets,
caps or hard hat to wipe sweat from their eyes. In doing so, they may violate
Safety compliance and expose their hands, eyes and head to risk of injury. To
follow safety procedures they may have to move to a safe zone before they can
remove their PPE and clear the sweat from their eyes. When in the field, often
there is no safe place to perform this repetitious task.

Headband One Better

The only sweat management solution adopted globally by the
U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines, the HEADLINE IT! Sweatliners product
is a thin disposable liner made from high tech wick wear, similar to Under
Armour, that eliminates both heat and cold stress by evaporating sweat
continuously under any headwear item. The product affixes with a self-adhering peel strip. HEADLINE IT! stops burning and blurring of the eyes caused by sweat. The liner’s Under Armour layers hold up to four times their weight in sweat. The
SMS material traps the oils, salt, grease, and odors, thus improving the health and hygiene of the headwear itself.

HEADLINE IT! is the only product in the world that allows sweat
to evaporate continuously, yet still keeps headwear dry and clean. They absorb
sweat while you are on the job or in the field and have the added benefit of
acting as a cushion between your head and the rigid helmet/hard hat, thus
making it more comfortable. Each disposable liner must be replaced weekly to maintain hygiene and effectiveness of sweat absorption.

This product is helping construction workers, athletes and anyone that wears any kind of headwear item.  The MEDICAL version of Headline It! is the ONLY disposable liner for wigs in the world.  This award winning product adds comfort and gives back DIGNITY to those that need it most.  www.HeadlineIt.info.


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