Muskego Facebook Incident Raises Issues of What the Law Allows

While Muskego Police could not make any arrests after a complaint over a Facebook message, it's not enough for some.

I can't always predict how a story will be received, and a recent posting we reprinted from a Muskego Police Department weekly neighborhood watch newsletter brought up some interesting debate.

Some wanted to out the person responsible for sending a message to a 14 year old boy, which relayed sympathy to the loss of the boy's grandfather.  As it turns out, the man responsible outed himself, in response to what he felt was taken out of context.  (The comment was withdrawn.) 

While Jon Heil did not have to step forward, he did, and he is indeed a blogger on Patch, for technology issues like Windows upgrades and various products on the market to aid in making your PC better.

He talked with us and admitted he was charged in 2004 for having two photos on his computer, sent to him from what was supposed to be a juvenile, and also had responded to IMs sent from a boy, which turned out to be law enforcement. Heil maintains that he initially deleted comments because he felt they weren't appropriate, but when they persisted, decided to 'play along.' Horrible decision.

Since 2004, Heil has not committed any similar acts, which for five of those years afterward, law enforcement can monitor as they see fit. The contact was not random - he knew the family, and the decedent, well.

At the time we posted the article, we would not pursue identities as is protocol for ANY case where a suspect is not charged. In addition, had someone been charged, we also have to weigh whether revealing the identity of a suspect will also reveal the complainants.

I know this doesn't sit well with many, but it's the world we live in, and the laws we operate under. The intent of the release and our article was to underline a larger point: know who your kids know.

I don't plan on pulling a blog that has not crossed any ethical lines, and has provided helpful tips on computer maintenance.

I do plan on continuing to talk with my daughter about what's out there in the world and on line, as the article was asking us all to do. I recently went down her list of friends on Facebook, and if she couldn't instantly identify them and where she knew them from, they were out.  Happily, she scored perfectly, even with her numbers in the hundreds. Few were adults, and if they were, I knew them as well.

If there are concerns about what anyone on the sex offender registry can and can't do, it would require a law change. In addition, the registry also includes people who slept with an underage boyfriend or girlfriend, and are now married and have children with that same person.  I'm not saying this is the case here, but as it stands, changing the law will also have unintended consequences.

This is a good debate to have, and I hope people take a closer look at what the law's implications are.  I'm often torn in the cases where there has been no reoffense at what punishment is enough, and for how long.  Should people not be allowed to operate a business, or function in any capacity within a community...ever?

Again, I'm a parent.  The answers aren't easy, and I get the outrage. I am also a believer in controlling what you can, under the law. And as one reader said to me "it's always the threat you don't see that's the worst."

William December 01, 2011 at 12:29 AM
That yahoo post was really scary. Especially the second boys post that Heil also contacted him. And this guy works on people's computers? And blogs here as an expert? And most of his professional connections involve social media?
NoToWalkersCronies December 01, 2011 at 12:38 AM
Exactly! One of his blogs here was "If you use Facebook and have a webcam - they made it pretty simple". Wow, THAT would surely serve his purposes. Oh William, thanks so much for your support here, I wish more were reading this blog. I have 1700 followers worldwide on Twitter, including very important journalists and politicians. I think a tweet or two is in order....
You know... December 01, 2011 at 01:08 AM
Aww...poor Registered Sex Offender. You are an IDIOT Denise Konkol....as well as your cronie police friends. What this whole unbelievable experience says, is this: Do not contact the Muskego PD for ANYTHING!! Run away from them Kids, as fast as you can & keep your mouths shut! They are not to be trusted & there is no confidentiality. Thanks to IDIOTS like Denise Konkol...only a good National Enquirer story is important. Any logical person out there, trying to do the right thing by reporting a potential problem to the Muskego PD...you should be ashamed of yourselves. Keep your mouths shut & take things into your own hands. Aww...poor Registered Sex Offender...that continues to befriend our young boys. The Muskego PD is there to serve and protect...YOU Jon Heil
William December 01, 2011 at 01:15 AM
Check out his facebook comments on the deceased's daughter being stupid and nuts. And then check out his photos of preteen models. To me, a more interesting story would of been how a convicted child pornographer whose probation includes no internet, computers, software, child contact, etc. (read CCAP Denise) is allowed to own and operate a computer consulting company throughout his probation. And people wonder how the Penn State, Syracuse, church, school molestation scandals happen.
Beth December 01, 2011 at 02:53 AM
Wow....am I reading all of this correctly? We have a convicted sex offender, on the sex offender registry, a Facebook account in which this 37 year old man had "friended" multiple young boys, a 2007 Yahoo post in which some young boy is asking for help, and accounts of this 37 year old man wanting to meet these young boys at Summerfest and Dairy Queen..... and the police do NOTHING. And the icing on the cake - the victim and his family have been exposed? Unreal. This man BROKE THE LAW.... and it sounds like he broke it in the worst way possible..... a crime against a child. Do you know anything about sexual predators? They are cunning, manipulative, scary and CANNOT be rehabilitated. We can talk to our children all we want to (yes that is very important) but these people will keep hunting and hunting until they get what they want. Heil should have had restrictions for his parole. CCAP says no contact with minors and no computer...granted this was before his sentence - however it appears that his parole may be over and that he is up to his old grooming tricks...back on the hunt for fresh young meat, THROUGH contact with young boys and his computer. This disgusts me beyond belief. Muskego parents watch out. it appears there could be a monster on the loose and no one to protect your children. Shame on you Muskego police department and shame on you Denise Konkol.
NoToWalkersCronies December 01, 2011 at 02:58 AM
Denise Konkel, and your buddies at the Muskego PD: Good thing for We the People that you have not completely gamed the "Tort Reform" laws. Prepare, but know that all of your blogs, comments and statements have been screen-grabbed. You have proved yourselves to be far more offensive than the very subject of alarm. Who is more dangerous? The Muskego PD? the unhinged Patch editor? Or the sex offender they went out of their way to protect? Stay tuned.....
You know... December 01, 2011 at 03:17 AM
Right on, SP...what an IDIOT. Denise Konkel is a "National Enquirer want-to-be". She has no conscious.
You know... December 01, 2011 at 05:06 AM
Kudos to you Beth...and to all of the others who have responded. Denise Konkel, now that you are "buds" with Jon Heil...guess that would be OK for him to befriend your daughter on FaceBook...?! Since you "know" him now...
Simple Bacon December 01, 2011 at 02:30 PM
Wow. Ms Konkel you are in way over your head. I don't know Mr. Heil and cannot pretend to know what he is thinking or capable of. He does however have a history of behavior that illustrates a risk. Likewise you have no idea what he is thinking. By rationalizing for him you put a lot of other people's children at risk. That's fine that you spoke with your daughter and now you're cool about all of this but you are still not qualified to have done anything more than report facts. Facts not being the strong suit of the Patch you felt the need to delve into the realm of who may be good offender versus a bad offender and what constitues bad behavior. Child abuse is too serious, and once done is never undone, to rationalize it wile you play out your own, personal, ethical dilemma. Let me restate this in case you have trouble understanding - child abuse, once done, cannot be undone. There are no second chances. If this man has the capability to be a child predator and makes ANOTHER "horrible mistake" you may be, in part, responsible for that action by having tried so hard to make the discussion about the parents and not about the predator. I just pray that you are right and this man is no threat to our children. But at least you're daughter is safe. We all feel better about that. Know what? Maybe you and the Patch ought to stick to writing fluff pieces about the mayor and leave the criminal psychology to professionals.I think our children would be safer if you did.
NoToWalkersCronies December 01, 2011 at 04:22 PM
Simple Bacon, thank you for telling it like it is. Konkel is a sorry excuse for a journalist.
twister929 December 02, 2011 at 12:42 AM
A former sex offender gets outed for messaging kids and you are blaming the writer. Everyone reading this now knows his name (which, if he's registered, anyone could have done if they were worried about sex offenders) and what he's doing. If you ask me, she did your community a service. Great job Ms. Konkel, keep up the good work. Don't let the lazy parents put you down. Parents, keep giving your kids everything they ask for and blame someone else if something goes wrong.
William December 02, 2011 at 02:57 AM
Can you read Twister? The comments were not about "outing" Heil, they were about exposing the family who is mourning a loss and for covering for Heil. If you read the comments, several of the readers did more investigation and contributed more facts about the child pornographer than did Ms. Konkel, who simply called him and spewed back his denials without checking. As for lazy, for those of us who check our kids contacts, set boundaries, follow through your comments are an insult. Or maybe you are calling Ms. Konkel lazy for her, "just be careful honey" parenting advice. As for Ms. Konkel's comment to "know what the law says", I do. It says this child pornographer broke his probation and sentencing guidelines by contacting minors, running a computer company and posting publicly to kids when he couldn't be BY LAW. What the commenters are asking is where is the investigation and where the heck is/was law enforcement, the courts and the probation officer.
You know... December 02, 2011 at 04:31 AM
The so called "lazy parents" went to the Muskego Police Dept. to protect their kids & families and to report that this registered sex offender was still up to "no good". They did this with complete trust in the Muskego PD that their confidentiality (especially for their kids) was to remain unknown. This is not about writing an article on the subject or ousting this person...this is about revealing the identities of the families who came forward to report this registered sex offender. By providing such great detail, he now knows who reported him...which places these people at risk. All trust (by the Muskego PD & D. Bitch Konkel) has been broken here. Trust me, had these families known that their identities were going to be revealed to the sex offender, all for a "good" (pfft) news story...they would have skipped the ronko, incompetent little police department of Muskego completely and went to the news media themselves...a news source who actually would tell the correct FACTS. Screw you "twister929"...you need to read & get the FACTS correct yourself before you post, moron. Go back to your small world of Reality TV...
twister929 December 02, 2011 at 05:05 AM
You Know you made my day :)
NoToWalkersCronies December 02, 2011 at 05:50 AM
The "lazy parents" were so "lazy" that they monitored their child's Facebook daily, and taught him to immediately tell them when someone he didn't know was messaging him, which he did. When the "lazy" parents realized that this RANDOM person he had never met was not only a registered sex offender, but that he was also targeting many other children in Muskego, they did the right thing and contacted the authorities. This good child was then exposed by your Dear Ms. Konkol and the Muskego PD to the CONVICTED sex offender with all of their juicy details. This 37 year old man now knows exactly which of the many children he is following reported him. He knows where this child goes to school, he knows what he looks like. This good child has been completely let down and possibly endangered by your beloved Ms. Konkel and the Muskego PD. The next day your dear Ms. Konkol went one step further and gave a one-sided story filled with lies, doubling down on blaming the parents. As William said, can you read???
You know... December 02, 2011 at 06:50 AM
You're welcome Jon Heil (a/k/a "twister929")! Hahaha... :)
twister929 December 02, 2011 at 03:33 PM
The parents in the article aren't the lazy ones I was referring to. Supposedly the parents commented above and noted they found this guy was "friends" with their 16 yo nephew and his 12 yo friend. Where were their parents? You do know that most sex offenders probably aren't going to use their real names or information? I'm pretty confident most aren't going to out themselves like this genius did, if it was even him. This is the internet after all.
Asiseeit December 03, 2011 at 05:33 PM
I fail to see how the PD did any wrong here? If anyone makes a complaint, they investigate it. How can they investigate it without questioning the accused sex freak? As soon as they do that it is pretty obvious to the freak who made the complaint. All complaints get logged. The logs are public record, which are viewed by the media every day. The media should have never run the story they did With the details they did, but that's not the Police dept. fault.
Windlake December 03, 2011 at 07:39 PM
Basically...this guy is a creep... he has been creeping on minors myspace/fb profiles for more than 7 years... to make a long story short. 1. He would repair PC at peoples homes and then down load on a external hard drive all their teenagers chat and personal information from Myspace and Facebook. 2. He would go home and start communicating w/ kids that were on that teenagers personal information. 3. He would know what their interests were.... by reading personal chats. (keep in mind 7 years ago.. it was not as a open book as now) 4. He did try to communicate with my child and thank god..he knew better! 5. How do I know this? Because he went to one of my childs classmates house and was repairing their PC and started naming off kids he knew... CREEEPY.. A red flag went up and that parent did get advise from a off duty officer. 6. End of story for me.. but I bet you post his picture in the paper and boys will be coming forward about this creep, just like in the news.
William December 03, 2011 at 08:26 PM
Sooooo, how did Probation and Parole, Waukesha county and the courts allow this guy to work with computers and contact kids IN VIOLATION OF HIS SENTENCE? Does anyone want to explain that? Is there any accountability? And if he is sooo innocent why did he take his facebook down with creepy pictures of preteens?
NoToWalkersCronies December 04, 2011 at 06:05 AM
You are going with the blind faith that the PD investigated anything, which they did NOT... No interview, no nothing. All the Muskego PD did was check and see if his restrictions were still in place. And because they were not, thanks to our great legal system, they COPPED OUT (now I know where that term comes from) and put out a "warning to the public" - with the caveat that that the 37 year old man who is following Muskego children is ALL GOOD, no worries, he works for the Patch, Denise Konkol says he's great, there's nothing odd about the fact that he's targeting our children at all. Don't all 37 year olds try to lure 13 year old to the Dairy Queen? There's no "there" there... move along. My question is: WHY are the MUSKEGO POLICE DEPT. protecting this person????
NoToWalkersCronies December 04, 2011 at 06:12 AM
Why the HELL is Heil allowed to follow our children???????
NoToWalkersCronies December 04, 2011 at 06:36 AM
GREAT JOB Muskego PD!! Mission accomplished!!! You warned EXACTLY who you wanted to - and it sure as hell wasn't the children you were sworn to protect. You assholes. Denise Konkol, you are lower than any of them.
Asiseeit December 04, 2011 at 07:06 AM
Yes this guy is a sounds like he is a creep. Yes something should happen to stop him from preying on kids. How is the blame not on the state parole agents and our own state laws? Maybe the police could have looked further....maybe they are, but blaming them for outting the victim is crap. You make a complaint and the police are going to ask the accused questions. That's how it works. If you are assigning blame it should go to the state and the media for how this was reported.
spower December 05, 2011 at 03:55 PM
Hey Asiseeit, Maybe you should slow down when reading, or take a reading comprehension class, or maybe you are plain stupid. What don't you understand? The police never spoke to the accused as you suggest above. Furthermore who should be blamed for leaking all the personal information in this matter? The police and the patch. Anywhere else in America the police would keep confidential information under wraps while an investigation was being performed. Neither one happened in this case, the investigation or confidetiality. Also a credible news source would have verified information , fact checked, and maybe done a little investigating of thier own before printing a story. This whole incident was handled wrong, end of story. Please keep your pea brained analysis to yourself.
Asiseeit December 05, 2011 at 04:18 PM
Nice, resort to name calling. I never excused the patch, and I'm pretty certain the police do not share what they have or are in the process of doing with you. Complaints are public record. Investigations are not. From what I see they don't have much to investigate. He (the perp) is either in violation or he's not. Either way that's a state parol/probation issue. Looks like you need to step back, take a deep breath, and maybe spend half this energy talking to the people who actually can do something... His parole agent, or the state legislature if he doesn't have any of these restrictions.
Beth December 05, 2011 at 06:19 PM
It appears several people commenting are parents of children that have been contacted by Heil. In my personal opinion....a 37 year old man record or no record, shouldn't be contacting young boys. The fact that he has a criminal record involving child pornography, is extremely alarming. SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG HERE. I do not blame these parents for their emotions nor their angry posts.... I would do the same. I see the frustration, first it appears the police have done "nothing", it would be nice to know why....and then the fact that the writer "outted" the victim is shameful. I find this story to be an outrageous act of irresponsible journalism as well as a failure on the part of the Muskego PD. The fact that more and more parents are coming to the table with stories about this man is just plain scary for Muskego and the surrounding areas. We can set all the blame aside - my question is what happens next? Heil is very aware now that the public is on to him. So he lays back and waits. What happens down the road when a child is hurt?
William December 14, 2011 at 09:45 PM
I am aware that those who commented previously as well as the editor receive updates if someone has posted a new comment, even on an older article. so I'm doing this to get the attention of the Patch, Ms. Konkel and those of you who care. Ms. Konkel, could you please respond as to why Jon Heil was allowed on December 9 to post a blog in the Patch about how to track your kids on Facebook. Seriously, do you really want a convicted child pornographer and stalker giving advice for tracking kids in your paper? He has taken down his own Facebook since attention was brought on him through these articles and his blog seems to mock those of us who actually care about his stalking children. Absolutely positively outrageous and pathetic.
NoToWalkersCronies December 14, 2011 at 10:53 PM
William: It is sickening! Especially in light of "windlake"'s comment above: "1. He would repair PC at peoples homes and then down load on a external hard drive all their teenagers chat and personal information from Myspace and Facebook. 2. He would go home and start communicating w/ kids that were on that teenagers personal information." So now the Patch, and Denise Konkel in particular, are thumbing their noses at the children and parents, and those who actually care, by allowing this person to mock them with his blog. I hope they are all enjoying their little chuckle. Remember, every action produces a reaction. ;)
NoToWalkersCronies December 15, 2011 at 05:45 AM
Wow, shockingly there are ***crickets*** from the editor and author of this appalling article, Denise Konkol, mother of children who live far from her beloved blogger.


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