Waukesha County Executive: Research Local Candidates

Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas wrote the following opinion column in his April newsletter.

Tuesday, April 3, is a very important election day for all Waukesha County residents. With the presidential primary taking place in the state, this week’s local elections have gotten somewhat lost in the mix, but it is very important that you, as an American, research local candidates and exercise your right to vote.

This week communities will elect local municipal leaders, vote for representatives to the Waukesha County Board of Supervisors, and select a candidate in the United States Presidential Primary. Due to redistricting following the 2010 election, new supervisory districts have been drawn, thus creating the opportunity for at least 7 brand new County Board Supervisors, which is equivalent to nearly 25 percent of the board. The County Board plays a significant role in shaping Waukesha County policy and ultimately passes the county’s annual budget.

Being a presidential election year, it is important for voters to express their opinion on who each party nominee should be. The race for the Republican presidential nomination is still very close. The state of Wisconsin will play a significant role in deciding which Republican candidate will be on the ballot come November.

The Government Accountability Board has a number of resources available for voters including how to find your polling place and view a sample ballot. To access these resources, visit https://vpa.wi.gov/.

Uncle D April 04, 2012 at 06:41 PM
Dan: Surely you have got to be kidding. We are living in a state where our governor, state senators & representatives are being recalled for "doing their job"! All of those citizens that cast a vote for those people blatantly had their vote disenfranchised. We have other representatives running away to Illinois to "avoid doing their job. A job that they took an oath to fulfill. I might ad that our "System" has failed miserably to hold those violators accountable. The whole process reeks of thuggery and corruption. Even our judiciary is partisan (corrupt). The bottom line is that the "Government Accountability Board" is a joke. It's a shameful waste of taxpayer's hard earned income. They are about as far from impartiality as we are from the sun. What you really meant to say in your closing remarks is that the Government Accountability Board will advise us WHO to vote for to ensure that the board will not disenfranchise their vote.


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