We're Climbing the Charts, Muskego

You may have never heard of ComScore, but it's our report card, and thanks to you, we're getting high marks.

I've been a part of more than a few companies that you feel the business outlook isn't all that great, and you brace yourself for what's to come in the next year.

Coming on board a fairly new 'upstart' in the world of internet journalism therefore wasn't something I was unsure about. I had a lot of faith that Aol and the Huffington Post combined had some experience in the field, and recent comScore results have justified my faith.

Somewhat the 'ratings' of internet sites, comScore is a metric for measuring traffic. You've heard me preach engagement, and that's why. In 2011, Patch tripled its unique visitor (UV) traffic from December 2010 to December 2011.

"In addition, in December 2011, Patch showed a 5 percent traffic bump over November (9.9M UVs versus 9.5M UVs), bucking the trend of seasonal declines in comScore’s local news and information category," a release from our New York HQ stated.

While 'we're number four!' isn't something most people are heard proclaiming, Patch fell in behind such sites as Yelp, at number one; CityGrid; Yahoo! Local; and ahead of CBS Local.  In December of 2010, we ranked 10 in the category.

Our thanks to you for being a part of this success, as it helps keep this and all Patch sites live and local.


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