12-Year Old Bites Police Officer

This week's Crime Corner features a 12-year-old runaway who 'severely bit' an officer while being brought into custody.

Police reported this week that a 12 year old Muskego girl, who was being brought into custody for being a runaway was charged with battery to a police officer, and it was not the first time she has had a incident with police.

Police say the girl severely bit an officer while she was being taken into custody for being a runaway on Friday. This is the second time she has assaulted a Muskego Police officer.

In addition, the week's blotter included the following incidents.

Friday, Sept. 28 –

  • A 17 year old Mukwonago female was arrested for shoplifting at Kohl’s Department Store.
  • A resident living in the S7800 block of Pioneer Dr. reported that a 36 year old New Berlin man who was arrested on September 27th for trespassing and theft at Muskego City Hall was also trespassing in her residence on the 27th. He was charged with an additional charge of trespassing.
  • A vehicle struck a deer in the area of Muskego Dam Drive and Kelsey Drive.

Saturday, Sept. 29 –

  • Tess Corners Fire Department assisted the New Berlin Fire Department with a grass fire in the W16800 block of College Avenue.
  • A homeowner in the W19200 block of Sunset Drive reported that a room in his home had been burglarized by a subject known to him. Officers are continuing to investigate.
  • A homeowner in the S7600 block of Kristin Drive reported a vehicle struck his mailbox and fled the area.

Sunday, Sept. 30 –

The bartender at Marx’s Pioneer Inn was advised of a noise complaint. The door and windows were closed for the evening.

A 23 year old Muskego man was arrested for drunk driving after rolling his car on Crowbar Road near Denoon Park.

A homeowner in the W20000 block of Kelsey Drive reported a burglary to her shed, with several items missing.

A 17 year old Muskego woman was arrested for shoplifting at Kohl’s Department Store.

Monday, Oct. 1 –

A 23 year old Wind Lake woman was arrested for her second drunk driving offense after crashing her car into the ditch in the W16800 block of Janesville Road. She was also charged with refusing to submit to a breath test.

A resident in the S8600 block of Cottage Circle West reported receiving a phone call in which the caller told her she had won a million dollars, and he would come to her residence the next day with her award. The only catch was she would have to pay him $199 first. She saw through the scam and hung up on “John Davidson, 410-988-0464.” He never did show.

Tuesday, Oct. 2 – A theft of a camper battery in the W16100 block of Bay Lane Place was reported.

Wednesday, Oct. 3 – A complaint was received regarding subjects at a residence in the S8500 block of Bending Brae Drive were outside, being loud and profane. They were advised of the complaint and moved indoors.

Thursday, Oct. 4 –

A white semi with orange lettering struck a traffic standard at the intersection of Tess Corners Drive and Janesville Road and left the scene.

A parking lot and light pole at Muskego High School was vandalized with spray paint sometime overnight. It’s not an “innocent prank” if it causes damage and costs money to return it to the way it was. Some people don’t seem to get that.

Friday, October 5 – A 36 year old Muskego man was arrested and charged with drunk driving on Racine Avenue at Apollo Drive.


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