Bizarre Behavior at Kwik Trip Leads to Accident on I-43

Muskego police miss nabbing a woman after employees report erratic behavior, but Waukesha County Sheriff's catch up to her after she's involved in an accident on I-43

A Milwaukee woman's strange behavior at the Muskego Kwik Trip in the early morning hours of Dec. 22 ended up in an accident on I-43, where the woman lost control of her vehicle, injuring herself, according to a witness on the scene.

Initially a report of a woman who was "highly intoxicated" came to Muskego Police from employees of the convenience store at 2:24 a.m. However, they called after the woman had left in her car, heading north on Racine Avenue.

Muskego Police contacted Waukesha County dispatch a few minutes later to advise them the woman was a suspected drunk driver and saying that she was headed out of their jurisdiction. After the accident occurred around 2:30 a.m., MPD was then contacted by the sheriff's department asking them to take a statement from Kwik Trip.

Staggering through store

According to employees, Shauna Kunesh, a 20-year-old from Milwaukee, parked her vehicle directly in front of the doors and walked in to ask directions to Milwaukee. Employees observed her swaying, and her balance was so impaired that "she leaned on the front counter, subsequently falling into a display of donuts and knocking them over," according to the report.

Kunesh also staggered into an ice cream cooler, according to the employees, but she left before they could stop her, and they called police, noting she was heading north on Racine Avenue.

Breath test at 0.00

However, sheriff department reports state "alcohol use was ruled out during subsequent investigation."

The finding came even as a man who was a witness to the accident — where the woman lost control of her vehicle and slid off the road on I-43 near Sunny Slope Road — told deputies that the woman had been slurring, and her only words to him were, "Can you help me find my prescription drugs?"

The deputy on scene did report finding a bottle of Alprazolam, which is an anti-anxiety medication, but that the number of pills in the bottle were "appropriate" for the date of refill on the bottle. In addition, the deputy reported at first detecting "a slight odor of consumed intoxicants coming from her clothing," but two breathalizer tests taken at Froedtert Memorial Hospital resulted in readings of 0.000, or no alcohol present.

The woman admitted to the deputy that she "had one shot with her family around 5 p.m." on Dec. 21, and had also taken the prescription around 2 p.m. However no blood tests were taken at the hospital "due to Kunesh's medical condition," the report stated. 

Jennifer Wallschlaeger of the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department said the deputy "took into account the entire body of evidence that he had at the time. Absent a positive breathalizer test, and the findings of other field sobriety tests, there was no cause to draw blood for further testing."

Wallschlaeger could also not find in their report any communication from Muskego, which would have indicated MPD's suspicions of impaired driving.

Capt. Rick Rens with Muskego Police said he couldn't answer what could have happened but did say that the written report from MPD was sent to Waukesha County on Jan. 5.

Kunesh has since been charged in Waukesha County Court with failure to keep a vehicle under control and operating without a valid license. 


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