Crime Corner: Thefts Inside and Out as Businesses Report Losses

Several reports of thefts at businesses in the city are just part of the Muskego Police Department's neighborhood watch newsletter.

From the desk of Lt. Dave Constantineau with the Muskego Police Department, here's the updated crime blotter.

Friday, August 3 –

  • A soil compactor was stolen from a construction site near Racine Ave. and Woods Rd.
  • A 46 year old Muskego man living in the S6300 block of Regency Ct. was arrested for disorderly conduct, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia after threatening and harassing a neighbor who was moving out.
  • A car parked at Pick N Save was ticketed for parking in the fire lane.

Monday, August 5 –

  • A 42 year old Muskego man was arrested for drunk driving in the area of Sunny Hill Dr. and Ridge Rd.
  • A 22 year old Muskego man was charged with disorderly conduct while in possession of a firearm, and a 20 year old Wind Lake man was charged with absolute sobriety, after the first man stuck the barrel of a shotgun out the window of a moving car in the area of Durham Dr. and McShane Dr.
  • Two 16 year old New Berlin girls were arrested for shoplifting at Kohl’s Department Store.
  • A 51 year old Muskego man was advised regarding illegally shooting off fireworks in the W14000 block of Janesville Rd.

Monday, August 6 –

  • A 71 year old Wauwatosa man was arrested for drunk driving in the area of Racine Ave. and Janesville Rd.
  • A parks employee turned over a bike to the police department, which he found at Lions Park.
  • M&W Marine Storage on College Ave. reported someone broke into their facility and stole a boat.
  • A resident in the S10300 block of Victoria Dr. reported a hose stolen from his yard.

Tuesday, August 7 –

  • Several tools were stolen from the construction site at Janesville Rd. and Pioneer Dr.
  • Frey Automotive on Loomis Rd. reported the theft of rims.

Thursday, August 9 – A 47 year old Milwaukee woman fled Kohl’s Department Store after being confronted regarding shoplifting in the store. She left her vehicle, which was impounded. The investigation is continuing.

Friday, August 10 –

  • A 59 year old Muskego woman came to the Muskego Police Department to confess she had taken a ring from a residence on Mariner Ct. in Muskego.
  • A bicycle was stolen from in front of Piggly Wiggly. The theft was reported around 5:00am.

Saturday, August 11 –

  • Employees and patrons at Danny Haskell’s were advised regarding shooting off fireworks.
  • An 18 year old Elm Grove man was charged with trespassing, obstructing an officer and underage drinking, and a 19 year old New Berlin man was charged with trespassing, criminal damage to property and underage drinking after leaving a party and damaging a house under construction in the W16900 block of Deer Creek Ct.

Sunday, August 12 –

  • A street sign on the corner of Bellview Dr. and Bay Lane Terrace was stolen.
  • A reckless driving complaint in the area of Woods Rd. and Sandy Beach Dr. led to the citing of a 26 year old Muskego man for operating after suspension.
  • We received fireworks complaints in the areas of Saroyan Rd. and Saroyan Ct.; Bellview Dr. and Vine St.; Windsor Rd. and Saroyan Rd., and S6300 Kipling Dr. A resident on Kipling Ct. was advised, and New Berlin PD was advised of fireworks going off in their city.

Monday, August 13

  • A homeowner in the W14900 block of Westwood Dr. reported finding a rifle grenade in his garage. The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department Bomb Squad was called, and took care of the grenade without incident.
  • A 50 year old Franklin man was arrested for drunk driving on Tess Corners Dr. and Flintlock Tr.

Tuesday, August 14 – Three 18 year old Muskego men were cited for trespassing and underage drinking at a home under construction in the W17000 block of Casey Dr.


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