If It's Not Really Stolen, Don't Call Police

Man ends up being cited after reporting his car was stolen.

According to Muskego Police, several calls 911 were received from a 47-year-old West Allis man around 9 p.m. on Oct. 28., claiming his car was stolen.

However, when police responded to the man's location in the W14800 block of Cornell Circle, it was discovered that the vehicle was not stolen, and officers were not amused at the apparent false claim. Instead, they arrested the man for causing a disturbance.

Elsewhere in the police blotter for the past couple of weeks, it appeared that folks were reluctant to let go of summertime, with multiple calls related to loud music and fireworks, among other incidents:

Saturday, Oct. 20 – A resident in the W15500 block of Foxtail Circle. was advised of a complaint of loud music. The music was turned down for the evening.

Sunday, Oct. 21– A resident in the S9600 block of Parker Drive was advised of a complaint of loud music. The music was turned off for the evening.

Friday, Oct. 26 –

A 32 year old Muskego man was advised regarding operating a mini bike on the road in the area of Groveway Lane and Ryan Rd.

Two 16 year old Muskego boys were cited for trespassing on Adrian Drive.

Saturday, Oct. 27 –

Two residents in the S6400 and S6500 blocks of Saroyan Road. reported the tires on their vehicles were slashed while they were parked at their homes.

Damage by a hit and run driver to a lawn near Janesville Road and Pasadena Drive was reported.

Four 17 year old men from West Allis and New Berlin were apprehended trying to steal a street sign at the intersection of Hi View and Acker Drive.

A complaint of loud music from DJ’s Pub was received. The owner was advised and the music was turned off.

A homeowner in the S8500 block of Plum Creek Boulevard was advised regarding a complaint of fireworks and loud music.

Officers were unable to locate fireworks reportedly in the area of the S8400 block of Woods Road.

Sunday, Oct. 28 - Officers were unable to locate fireworks reportedly in the area of Kipling Dr. and Kipling Ct.

Tuesday, Oct. 30 – A residence in the W14900 block of Keeley Court was burglarized.

Wednesday, Oct. 31 – A driver reported striking a deer in the area of Durham Drive and Woods Road. The driver was uninjured.

Friday, Nov. 2 – A homeowner in the S7700 block of Ladwig Drive reported the theft of a handgun. A suspect has been identified and the investigation is continuing.

Saturday, Nov. 3 – A 19 year old Milwaukee man was arrested for employee theft at Walmart.

Walmart reported that a male and female walked out of the store with two televisions without paying for them. They were last seen leaving the area in a tan Chrysler minivan with Illinois plates. Suspects were arrested in Columbia County on November 6th. Our investigation is continuing.

Monday, Nov. 5 –

A homeowner in the W13000 block of Kipling Drive reported that a “scrapper” took a fire pit from the residence.

A homeowner reported that someone attempted to enter her vehicle, but was unsuccessful.

Tuesday, Nov. 6 –

Walmart reported someone shoplifting at the store on November 5th.

A hit and run was reported at Piggly Wiggly. A Chevy Silverado was struck by a red van.

A homeowner in the S7900 block of Audrey Ct. reported that someone tried to gain entry to his vehicle during the evening of November 1st, resulting in damage to the vehicle.


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