'McGyver Bomb' Explodes, No One Injured

Police say the explosive device is not the first they've encountered, but don't think it's a trend, either

Have 2-liter bottles containing foil and chemicals replaced the toilet papering prank?

Not likely, say Muskego police, who responded to a call on Oct. 29 of a 'McGyver bomb' exploding on the front lawn of a residence on Dunstan Court around 4pm.

The homeowner said she heard "an extremely loud noise" according to reports, and found the ruptured bottle and foil on the lawn.

While other neighbors also confirmed hearing the explosion to police, no one witnessed who left the explosive calling card in front of the home.

Lt. Dave Constantineau said they haven't really noted an uptick in the activity, although an earlier incident also fit the profile of the use of a McGyver bomb. The name comes from the television show of the same name, and refers to the relative ease in creating the explosive using household chemicals.

"It's likely kids who learned something in a science class and are trying it out, and so far we're lucky no one has been hurt by them," Constantineau told Muskego Patch.

However, he added that the chemicals can cause harm and anyone with information on this case is encouraged to come forward to Muskego Police.


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