Mother of Four Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison in Child Porn Case

Annmarie Schulte gets seven years behind bars and 10 years of extended supervision for each of two counts of child pornography, despite defense claims that she posed "no actual risk."

Annmarie Schulte, a Muskego mother of four and former volunteer at Tess Corners Elementary School, was sentenced to seven years in prison and 10 years of extended supervision on each of two counts of sexual exploitation of a child on Friday.

Schulte had taken explicit pictures of one of her daughters and sent it to a man she met on a fetish website in August 2011. Her husband had discovered emails between her and a man called "Daniel Webb" in September and contacted police. To date, Webb has not been located

She had been found guilty in July after a plea deal had been struck. Two other counts of sexual assault were dropped as part of that deal.

Waukesha County Judge Kathryn Foster rendered her decision after more than two hours of testimony from both prosecution and defense. She also ruled that there would be no contact allowed between Schulte and her children, and that Schulte must undergo psychological treatment.

"She and Daniel Webb were making plans to meet and although nothing else against Mrs. Schulte has been reported outside of this offense, I don't want to give her the opportunity, and I think she should be confined," said prosecutor Debra Blasius.

Schulte's estranged husband Matthew also spoke, deflecting the defense that his relationship with his wife was part of a 'perfect storm' of circumstances that led her to seek other relationships.

"Even if I was the worst husband, that is no reason to violate that sacred trust of our child," he told the court.

"I still have not been able to come up with the words to describe how sorry I am. I'm horrified and disgusted by what I have done..."

However, psychologist Melissa Westendorf, a defense witness, told the court Schulte did not fit the profile of a pedophile and was a low risk to re-offend.

She said that she would not rule out "reunification" between Schulte and her children after extensive treatment for diagnoses of bipolar disorder and alcohol and other drug dependency.

Defense attorney Samuel Benedict asked Foster for leniency in her decision, saying that Westendorf's testimony leaned to the argument for community supervision.

"There is no reason to believe that she wouldn't succeed with treatment, and that she would pose no actual risk to the victims," Benedict said, adding that he would hope there would be "no permanent barrier" between Schulte and her children.

Schulte herself spoke briefly, expressing remorse for her actions.

"I have let down my family, my children...I still have not been able to come up with the words to describe how sorry I am. I'm horrified and disgusted by what I have done to (my daughter)," she said. "I am confident that faith in God will help me to heal."

However, Foster said after "a multitude of facts to consider" she could only come to the conclusion that Schulte's actions were a choice to associate "with a sadistic pedophile; it's no accident."

Email correspondence between Schulte and Webb also weighed heavy in the final sentencing, with Foster indicating that "it's rare that we have such detailed information on what future intentions for a victim would be. Your intentions were written out, and it terrifies me."

Schulte has already served 353 days in jail, which will be counted into her present sentence.

Deanna Kuhn Knasinski September 22, 2012 at 03:13 PM
This story makes me sad. I knew her a little & knew she loved her kids. It sickens me that she violated her daughter & she got with a pediophile. I hope she recovers & one day mends fences with her kids.
Muskego Mike September 22, 2012 at 05:23 PM
What a monster. I hope her children are long into adulthood before they have to be around her unsupervised.
Denise Konkol September 22, 2012 at 08:36 PM
I'd disagree with the term monster, but I felt that I agreed with the judge in that there didn't seem to be any purpose served by 'community supervision.' Sad all the way around. The family is in my prayers.


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