MPD Names New Public Information Officer

Lt. Dave Constantineau, a 26-year veteran of the Muskego Police Department, will be the department's spokesperson to the press

Editor's note: We received this release from the Muskego Police Department and congratulate Lt. Constantineau for the new position. As an entity that seeks to bring the community important news in a timely manner, this is a positive step for everyone.

Muskego Police Chief Craig Moser has appointed Lieutenant David Constantineau as the department’s new Public Information Officer.  Constantineau, A twenty-six year department veteran, currently supervises the department’s detective bureau, as well and the community resource and school resource programs.

 Lt. Constantineau will be responsible for providing information to the press on arrests, ongoing investigations, personnel matters, and other issues of interest to the public.  

Lt. Constantineau can be reached by members of the press at dconstantineau@cityofmuskego.org or 262-679-5650.  

Gail @ Curves January 22, 2013 at 03:46 PM
Congrats to Lt. Constantineau! I have e-mailed Lt. Constatntineau in the past -- first to say how much I enjoy reading the weekly crime report with his practicial tips and observations. I have also asked him to clarify law related issues, such as proper bicycling on which side of the road and signaling, and I've alerted him to e-mail scams, etc. He is always positively responsive.


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