Muskego Fire Victims to Benefit From Fundraiser

Local restaurant responds to need for 'just about everything' for victims of Saturday's duplex fire.

Dawn Schwulst was out running an errand at Walmart on Saturday morning, when she was stopped from getting back home.

"She explained she lived up the street, and when she gave her address, the police told her, 'That's your house that's on fire,'" said Keri Addis, who manages and knows Schwulst.

took six fire departments about four hours to put out, and left the duplex on Martin Drive a total loss.

"They need just about everything," Addis explained. "They have pretty much the clothes on their back, and a few pieces of furniture that were in storage, but that's it."

Sources have confirmed that none of the tenants had renter's insurance.

To help Schwulst and her boyfriend, Danny Klement, as well as the upstairs tenant Ashley Miller, rebuild their wardrobes and basic needs, the restaurant is holding a She said organizers will likely have raffles, and are looking for some donations. They're also asking for donations for the fire victims.

"We think gift cards to places like Kohl's and other stores would be helpful, as they had nothing in the closets except the metal hangers," Addis said. "Everything else was burned."

Addis said she has no way of contacting Miller, who likely lost everything as well, including her two cats, but she is hoping someone in the community will tell her, as the benefit is for her as well.

The spaghetti dinner is a $10 minimum donation. Anyone wanting to donate raffle items or give something to the victims can call Addis at (262) 679-9535.

Vernon February 29, 2012 at 12:42 AM
Thats Very nice of Danny Haskells to do this. I was in that "dueplex" helping some one move out about 6 months ago. I was in total awe when I went into the basement and seen the exposed construction of that place. The floor joists of the lower level were old trees! Not Logs,like barns were made of in 1900! Trees with the bark still on them! First thing I thought; "you can rent this out", second thing "this place has got to be a major fire hazard!" Good luck to the tenants, and I would look at the owner, and the city for some type of compensation. I am very sorry about your cats Ashley.


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