Muskego Man Facing Abuse Charges in All-Too Familiar Scenario

On the same day a man gunned down his wife after a long history of domestic abuse, Muskego Police are recommending charges against a Muskego man for domestic abuse and false imprisonment of girlfriend.

Muskego Police responded to a 911 hang up call on Sunday and ended up intervening in a domestic dispute between a 49-year-old Muskego man and his 51-year-old girlfriend from West Allis.

Given the revelations of the incidents in Brookfield, where Radcliffe Haughton killed his wife Zina after repeated incidents of domestic abuse, the details of the Muskego incident are eerily similar.

According to police reports, officers arrived at the home on Sunday around 8 a.m. but no one came to the door when they first rang the bell. Officers say they heard a woman inside the home scream so they broke into the residence where they found the man and woman and separated them.

The report stated that the couple were out the night before and returned to the man's home to watch movies, but ended up in an argument over his suspected infidelity. When the woman attempted to leave, the man took her purse and barred her from leaving.

The man told police he was trying to settle the argument and didn't think he was committing a crime.

Police interviewed the woman and it was revealed that the couple, who has been dating for about a year and a half, has been involved in previous similar incidents in Muskego and West Allis.

The woman stayed overnight, but was forced to stay in the man's bedroom, according to the report. When they woke on Sunday, the argument resumed and she was again prevented from leaving. During her attempt to call 911, the man took the phone from her, eventually putting her in the bathroom when police arrived.

A 72-hour no-contact order was issued for the man, but police say it's not an iron-clad guarantee. They added that longer lasting restraining orders must be issued from Waukesha County Court.

The man is facing charges of false imprisonment and domestic abuse, which will be reviewed by the Waukesha District Attorney's office.

Maximum October 23, 2012 at 11:32 PM
I agree with the above statement. If only it was that easy. That person that is controlling and violent doesn't seem to think that way. I've been in a abusive relationship with my now ex husband. The more I asked him to leave or told him I would leave the worse things got. The saying "if I can't have you, then nobody can" was repeated over and over again to me by him. Unless you've been in this terrible situation it's very hard for the people on the outside to understand. I hope they arrested the guy who falsely imprisoned his girlfriend. It sounds like they gave him a slap on the wrist and told him the DA's office will be in contact with him and that he needed to stay away from the girl for 72 hours. What a joke!!!! And he took her phone away when she was trying to call the police. I know for sure that he broke a law there also. Perhaps after all the terrible things that happened this weekend maybe the Muskego Police Department will take domestic violence more serious. One could only hope.
Denise Konkol October 24, 2012 at 03:40 AM
Often the police's hands are tied. I have read dozens of reports where the woman recants the story, leaving police with little to work with, or upon their arrival says that she refuses to press charges of any kind. Don't make the assumption they don't take it serious. In the above case, you are correct, these are offenses that are prosecutable, which is why they are forwarding them to the court. In addition, local police are not able to issue harsher penalties. Only the courts can hand out TRO's.
Maximum October 24, 2012 at 12:31 PM
Wisconsin has a mandatory law when it comes to domestic abuse. When they are called to a house or wherever it occurred and they view it as a domestic abuse case then it is mandatory that one or all get arrested. It does not matter if the victim changes her/his mind during the event or after. This kind of case is a perfect example as to why the State of Wisconsin enacted this law. The police don't have their hands tied in a case like this. Believe me I was one of those people that changed my mind even though I was physically abused & my whole house was practically destroyed including the.phone I used to dial 911. When the city police got there they were only going to take him out of our house for the night & take him to a relatives house to let him cool down for awhile. Did i mention that my ex was friends with all the cops in our city including the chief of police! Then the county police arrived cause they heard the call & they were in the area. They said what are you doing to the city cops. The county said he's not going anywhere but jail. I told them I had changed my mind and didnt want him arrested they said it didn't matter cause Wisconsin has a mandatory law when it comes to domestic abuse & besides it's the State of Wisconsin pressing the charges now. So he was arrested. Was in jail for a few days. He had to go to anger management classes, was fined pretty heavily and couldn't have firearms for a year after that.
Maximum October 24, 2012 at 12:35 PM
Then he came home and told me if I ever called the police again he would kill me and I would be at the bottom of the lake. This is another perfect example of why Wisconsin enacted the law.
Muskego Mike October 27, 2012 at 11:59 PM
Very sad story. Thanks for posting and I hope it's over for you.


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