Muskego Public Safety: Concealed Carry Ordinance Can Wait

Committee discusses what a ban on concealed weapons in public buildings could mean and takes a wait and see approach.

The Public Safety Committtee met Wednesday night at City Hall to discuss a possible ordinance that would extend the exception to concealed carry to other public buildings like City Hall or the library.

Presently the law, which goes into effect on Nov. 1 of this year, already excludes police stations, schools and municipal courts while they are in session from the right to carry a concealed weapon.

Capt. Craig Moser told the committee that a review of other municipalities shows ordinances that are "all over the board," so it was unclear what would really work in Muskego.

He added, "Really, a deranged person who wants to come into City Hall with a gun will do so whether we have an ordinance in place or not."

He felt that initially the law's enactment would probably see more people carrying, and eventually wear off its novelty.

Others said the legislature will still be working on refining the details of the law, and the rules regarding training and places allowable could change. While most agreed the law is 'unfriendly' to police, the consensus was to see how the law will play out in the community, and revisit a possible ordinance later.


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