No Breaks for 3rd Time OWI, Say Police

Five drinks were enough for a third drunken driving ticket for West Allis man

A West Allis man may have wished he would have asked for a ride home after Muskego Police pulled him over as he went through a stop sign and ended up with his third OWI.

According to reports, police noted the man's vehicle came to a "rolling stop" at Center Drive and Janesville Road. He was pulled over and the officer also found that the 30-year-old man's license was suspended. After noting an odor of alcohol and slurred speech the man was asked to perform field sobriety tests.

Reports state the man told police he had five drinks and "would appreciate a break." He admitted to having too much and promised he'd get a ride home, again asking for a break to avoid another drunken driving arrest.

Police were apparently unsympathetic, as the man was unwilling to finish the tests, and did not consent to a breathalyzer, and now faces misdemeanor charges in Waukesha County Circuit Court.


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