Shop With a Cop Looking for Deserving Kids

Annual police community outreach takes kids shopping for Christmas presents for themselves and for their families; know of someone who needs help?

For the third year in a row, The Muskego Police Department aims to brighten the holidays for a few of our neighbors by participating with Walmart in Shop With A Cop.

Shop With A Cop partners a volunteer officer with a deserving young person from the community who will have the opportunity to shop for Christmas presents not just for themselves, but for their entire family.

A release from the department acknowledged that "there are still many families in Muskego struggling to make ends meet, and this time of year can be the beginning of a particularly stressful time, especially for families with children. The burden of the increased costs of heating the home, combined with having to find warm clothes that fit growing kids leave very little for 'luxuries', like Christmas presents."

Police are looking to hear from families who are struggling, and could use a little help making Christmas a little merrier, or if you know someone in a tough situation who could use a hand, to contact Officer Ann Shaw at ashaw@cityofmuskego.org, or call her at 262-679-5653.

If you have been fortunate and blessed, and would like to help brighten someone else’s holidays by making a donation towards Shop With a Cop, you can also contact Officer Shaw. Hopefully, by working together, we can make the holidays cheerier for everyone.


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