Stealing Candy Gets Defendants Charged With Heroin Possession, Say Police

Muskego man Jordan Ebbott said he was just holding heroin, paraphernalia for co-defendant Samuel Lueck, but both are charged with felony possession.

An case of suspected shoplifting at a Milwaukee Pick 'n Save led to charges for possession of narcotic drugs for a 30-year-old Muskego man, according to Miwaukee County court records.

According to the criminal complaint:

On Feb. 2, Jordan Ebbott and another man, Samuel Lueck of Waukesha, were detained by the employees of a Pick 'n Save on 57th and Capitol Drive after they were suspected of stealing candy from the store. 

Employees told police that the two had resisted and fought with them when confronted at the store exit. In addition, they told police, they had seen Ebbott remove a blue bag from his pocket, hand it to Lueck, who had then disposed of it in a trash can. 

Reports state that the bag contained two syringes, a lighter, a blue rubber band, two caps that were burnt on the bottom and a clear plastic baggie with suspected heroin in it.

Leuck, who was also charged with possession of narcotics, stated that he was with Ebbott earlier in the day when Ebbott purchased heroin while Leuck's 4-year-old son was present in the car. 

Leuck also told police that after purchasing the heroin, he and Ebbott parked at the Pick ‘n Save and used the heroin, again while his Leuck's son was in the car.

Ebbott told police that he purchased $50 worth of heroin for Leuck, but not for himself. 

Ebbott faces a maximum penalty of $10,000 or 3 1/2 years in prison or both if convicted. The sentence could also be increased by up to 4 years if Ebbott is found guilty of another charge of possession stemming from a case in November 2012. 

Mr Lundt February 09, 2013 at 08:17 PM
"Stealing Candy Gets Defendants Charged With Heroin Possession" Gee I thought possessing heroine got Defendants Charged With Heroin Possession I stole candy in 2nd grade... who knew I was also buying heroine.
Sheepshead February 10, 2013 at 04:52 AM
I guess when you comment something like that, you are taking a shortcut to thinking


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