Students Don't Need Beer, They Need Parents

Annual tradition brings an annual reminder from Muskego Police Department, which has seen enough well-intentioned parents who want to keep kids safe by 'hosting' parties to keep them from driving drunk


From the desk of Lt. Dave Constantineau and the Muskego Police Department, a reminder of how to keep homecoming memorable for the right reasons:

Our kids aren’t so little any more.

Friday, Oct. 5th is Homecoming at Muskego High School. On behalf of the men and women of the Muskego Police Department, I welcome all the Muskego High Alumni who will be going to the game. And also on their behalf, I urge the current Muskego High students and their parents to make smart, responsible choices.

Each year around this time, I send out the warning to the 'cool parents' to think before they allow their kids and their kids’ friends to drink in a 'safe environment.' And after I send that out, I always receive emails asking how people can continue to make such poor choices. My response is always, 'I don’t know, but they do.'

I will say it again. Our young people have enough friends, they need parents who are responsible role models who maintain a high standard and hold their children to that same standard. It’s easy to cave to the pressure, and bow to the lowest common denominator. It takes determination and willpower to stand up and do the right thing, and instill those values in our children.

With that being said, I believe that parents are getting the message. They understand that being 'the cool parents' sends the wrong message to their children, and that demonstrating responsible behavior, and expecting the same from their children, will teach kids more in the long run than teaching them how to tap a keg without having it foam up. I applaud those parents who make that tough choice, and ask them to remind the kids that will be attending the homecoming game on Friday, as well as the dance on Saturday, that if they do make a poor choice and drink during homecoming festivities, don’t turn a poor choice into a tragedy by driving while drunk. Even one drink can impair your ability. Our students are too young to make a mistake they will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

So enjoy homecoming, stay safe, and Go Warriors!


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