2013: What Lies Ahead

2012 was a busy year for Muskego, but 2013 promises to wrap up some unfinished business, while starting up a bit of new business. What will likely make news, and what are my predictions?

I don't know if these are necessarily predictions for the new year, or merely a heads up of what's to come. However, based on a little more solid information than just an editorial crystal ball, here's what's coming down the road, literally in some cases.

Hot topics in the city

It's likely the debate over fireworks will get early attention, as the Public Safety Committee has asked for council discussion of a referendum on the issue. It seems that folks are equally divided, with opposition saying that they're too dangerous and people aren't considerate in using the incendiaries. Proponents say it's one of the reason that they moved to Muskego, and that they're as American as apple pie.

Call this a prediction, but it seems that the City of Muskego elections may be a bit of a bust, with no real races plotted out in any of the four aldermanic districts on the April ballot. That's a shame, as no competition means no forum on the issues, really. While two of the candidates, Rob Glazier (D4) and Eileen Madden (D7) are fairly known to their constituents, two others - Robert Hammel (D2) and Kevin Kubacki (D6) aren't so much. We will follow up with those two candidates to make sure they can tell us more about themselves in the weeks to come.

Looming ahead also is the Parkland Mall lawsuit. In checking with Mayor Kathy Chiaverotti, the next hearing scheduled is in February, and will feature decisions on additional motions that will determine what will be included in the jury trial. It's likely that the trial (yes, Virginia, there is an end in sight to this saga) will occur in summer...sometime.

On the road, again

Janesville Road's final year of construction is also here, with utilities construction planned first from Lannon Drive to Racine Avenue, and the return of the orange barrels along that same stretch to widen the road. Completion of the installation of traffic lights on the eastern half should also take place as soon as possible, according to county officials.

Pioneer Drive looks a lot prettier, and we've been hearing of an official ribbon cutting of the roadway connecting the City Hall complex to Janesville Road. As soon as there are more details on that, we'll pass those along.

I would like to predict that at least one business may take up residence along this stretch, as the properties that line the street have been rezoned for such a purpose.

Racine Avenue between Woods Road and Janesville will also be the target for another stretch of recreational trail, constructed between the county and city crews. This would be a key link to finish a city-wide loop of trails that seem to be immediately popular once they're finished.

Park It! 

The newest acquisition in our Parks arsenal, Park Arthur will see a lot of activity this year. Along with the completion of the baseball diamonds, the installation of lights at the large field and at the sledding hill, a permanent structure will be constructed to include restrooms. In addition, the College Avenue entrance will be constructed and parking lots completed inside the park.

Moorland Park will also see improvements to the skate park, and have sand volleyball courts added.

Idle Isle Park will also get some cosmetic upgrades to its launch area, with the removal of the old boat lift that doubled as a 'poor step sister' di Suvero sculpture. More additions will include a boat wash station at the launch area.

Business Development

It's possible that 2013 could be the biggest year for new business, with two developments at the Moorland-Janesville corridor. One in front of Kohl's Department store was already approved at the Plan Commission, and another is waiting for a couple more tenants before it makes its first appearance. That one is promising to feature a Cousins Subs and will stand in front of the GE Medical building.

Additional predictions include a great tenant in the Papa Joe's space on Janesville and Westwood Drive, and the potential for a former business to return to Muskego. Each of those stories will have to wait for further confirmation, but all of these are signs that folks outside of the area are paying attention to what Muskego is up to, with positive results.


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