2013 Wish List For Parks is a Long One

Dozens of items are listed, and with funding sources nearly tapped out, budget request for 2013 might be a big one.

Craig Anderson, the city's director of parks and recreation, has mentioned it in previous meetings, but how well everyone was listening will be known at budget time.

A growing need for various items to maintain Muskego's parks, along with a new venture at Park Arthur, and a dwindling balance in the park dedication fund will mean a larger than normal request at budget time.

"Tax dollars just aren't used to develop our parks," Anderson told the Park and Recreation Board last week. "Our usual funding sources are also nearly spent, with the park dedication fund down to $150,000 and only 10 percent of the landfill revenues are earmarked for parks."

Anderson outlined a list of needs, prioritizing it from greatest needs to those that can wait another year or so, and even keeping spending to the highest priority, Anderson estimated the cost at $1.5 million in 2013.

"We kept hearing throughout the lake park debate that we don't maintain our parks, so if we're truly to do that, we need to consider what it's going to cost," Anderson said.

Of that total, the majority would be spent in Park Arthur to complete the College Avenue entrance ($235,000), finish the three smaller baseball fields ($145,500) and place lights in the large field ($406,000) there.

would also receive a facelift of sorts with new laminate installed at the skateboard park and sand volleyball courts there as well. Members of the board liked these additions because of their cost and because it would enhance an area that is easy to get to, visible and provided an activity that didn't exist in any other park.

A new wheelchair accessible pier at ($63,000) as well as a recreational trail along Racine Avenue ($275,000) were also listed as a 2013 priority.

Anderson pointed out that the $1.48 million price tag for these priorities didn't include potential grants or partnerships that would offset the costs. Organizations like the Muskego Athletic Association and select leagues have indicated interest in .

He admitted that the discussion is just beginning at the department level before the budget is forwarded on to the Common Council in late August.

To view the current list, click here.

Muskego Mike June 19, 2012 at 10:03 PM
Seems like the parks department has plenty of cash but spends their operating income on park/trail acquisition and building and not on maintaining the current parks. We can cancel all or some of the building at Park Arthur and use that money to maintain the parks that we already have.
Denise Konkol June 20, 2012 at 01:11 AM
Mike - the dollars to maintain and develop the current parks relies on landfill funds and park dedication funds. The latter is reaped from new development. With the economy all but halting new development, the income to that fund has slowed greatly. Up until now, tax payer dollars haven't been directly tapped for this, and we've been lucky to see a lot of community groups take a part in creating and beautifying the parks we have. As for Park Arthur, the same partnerships are poised to help build the fields there, as many baseball leagues are looking for places to play here, and bring in tournaments here as well. To "cancel" all of that also removes the possibility for outside $$ to come in. If I'm not mistaken, funds marked as 'operational' also can't be used to acquire anything.
Quinn June 20, 2012 at 02:39 PM
I'd be interested to hear more about this $63,000 pier. What makes a pier that expensive?
Muskego Mike June 20, 2012 at 05:16 PM
As stated above "Anderson pointed out that the $1.48 million price tag for these priorities didn't include potential grants or partnerships that would offset the costs." If we have 1.48 million, some of these projects can be cancelled and the money used for maintaining the parks that we already have. I don't care that some potential baseball game is cancelled in 2013. Too bad.
The Anti-Alinsky June 21, 2012 at 12:36 AM
Mike, exactly what is wrong with the parks we have?


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