End of an Era: Amann's Property Will Become Residential

Bar and resort has long been closed, but rezoning ends the possibility for any further development at what once was a hot spot on Denoon Lake.

At the owner's request, the land that Amann's Beach Resort held hundreds of summer picnics on long ago on Denoon Lake will now be used for single-family homes.

The rezoning request was unanimously approved at Tuesday's Common Council meeting, and the only concerns voiced during a public hearing from neighbors was how the 7-acre parcel could remain subdivided for four residential properties, as proposed by owner Gus Amann.

Jeff Muenkel, the city's community development director, addressed the concerns of neighbors who feared further subdivision could lead to as many as 14 new homes being built on the site.

Before any construction could begin on the property, the proposal would come before the city's Plan Commission. Muenkel said that in general the commission has only allowed what the type of development that now exists in the area.

"It's going to be up to the Plan Commission whenever a construction site and maintenance plan is brought forth, but they have shown historically to look at land divisions, and they usually require that they mirror surrounding parcels," Muenkel explained.

Amann also agreed with neighbors' concerns that the property had been unkempt for many years.

"They're right. Taking away the commercial property is good for the neighborhood. They have put up with a lot over the years, but I took care of many of the problems and cleaned up the site," he said. "It's been a business since 1947 and seen many picinics over many beautiful summers, but it's time to move on."


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