Budget 2013 Passes With Minor Changes

Council approves $17.2 million budget, keeping a pay increase for employees, making changes to a funding source for Senior Taxi, and moving $5,000 more to IT position.

The City of Muskego 2013 budget will keep intact a pay increase for city employees, which was really the only point of prolonged discussion by the Common Council in approving the $17,195,385 proposal to run the city for the coming year.

Alderman Kert Harenda said he was in favor of the one percent cost of living increase, but raised an objection to the merit increase that was part of the $85,000 package. However other aldermen on the council felt that previous discussion had already settled the issue, and it was never brought to a vote.

The council approved Alderman Rob Glazier's requested shift of $5,000 from the parks budget for tree trimming in Idle Isle Park to the position being sought for a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) planner.

The Senior Taxi program will also have its funds drawn from a new account. Previously TIF residual funds had provided the yearly $5,000 assistance to the service, which gives seniors low cost rides to appointments. Alderman Dan Soltysiak requested the monies be drawn instead from the State Transportation fund.

With Jammin' on Janesville funding ending after next year, Soltysiak considered future funding a moot point, but Alderman Neil Borgman suggested developing a policy to define civic events to guide future councils should a similar situation arise.

The budget will be funded in part by a $12 million tax levy, which is 0.591 percent higher than last year. The tax rate, which is the amount charged per $1,000 of assessed value of your property, is $4.40, down a penny from last year.

Rob Glazier October 25, 2012 at 03:00 PM
Hi Denise, just to clarify; the $5,000 reallocation is intended to go to the position of Systems Administrator. This is an open position that is critical to keeping the myriad of applications / systems across City Hall, Police, Library, etc running. The job has been open for sometime as the City seeks to be competitive in it's recruiting efforts. Thought was / is that the $5,000 could be added to the salary range putting it more in line with salary averages for that type of position. Hopefully, this helps the City recruit and retain qualified professionals for a key staff position. This, by the way, was not a request from the City as our department heads have been extremely frugal in their requests. This was one of the few things I thought the Council could do to assist in getting this position filled and running. I spoke with the Parks & Rec Director before hand and he was willing to address the needs that the $5k had been allocated for in next year's budget as part of a more comprehensive look at maintenance needs across our parks. The GIS/Planner position is a new role intended to support both our IS department as well as take work off of our Community Development Director's plate so that he can focus on community development, specifically addressing the opportunities outlined in the recent Marketing Study conducted by the City. Thanks for the reporting but I felt I should offer a correction on where the $5k is meant to be used. Thanks, Rob Glazier


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